Family Matters, Movie Music, and Spring Break

Last week was one of those weeks when I have a clear sense of the meaning of “sandwich generation.” That is not a bad thing, just a busy one. On Tuesday, I drove 150 miles south, to my mother’s house. She had a medical procedure the next day that I was to take her to.Continue reading “Family Matters, Movie Music, and Spring Break”

52 Ancestors, Week 9: Aunt Ada, Gone Too Soon

For Week 9 of the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge, the theme is Gone Too Soon. The project was created by genealogist Amy Johnson Crow. And for this week, the theme is Gone Too Soon. Of course, I have many ancestors who had children die as infants. But today I want to write aboutContinue reading “52 Ancestors, Week 9: Aunt Ada, Gone Too Soon”

Bird by Bird

I’m sitting in my backyard, and the birds are out in force. I just turned on my birdsong identification app. The birds it tells me it’s hearing: Blue jay American crow Northern cardinal Red-shouldered hawk Tufted titmouse House sparrow Eastern towhee Least flycatcher American goldfinch Common grackle Carolina wren Red-bellied woodpecker Gray catbird American robinContinue reading “Bird by Bird”

Follow the Damn Rules

The sign on the door said, Mask Required … Regardless of Vaccination Status. Yet, inside the gift shop at a major national park, I estimated that fewer than 10 percent of customers wore masks. And the employees were not even trying to enforce the rule. What is wrong with people? I’ll give a pass toContinue reading “Follow the Damn Rules”

Throwback Thursday: Committing Acts of Genealogy

I was up way too late last night committing acts of genealogy. A 4:00 am bedtime for one night wouldn’t be that big a deal — though, wouldn’t you know it, I woke up at 7:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep. Unfortunately, I also got to bed at 6:00 am the night before that,Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: Committing Acts of Genealogy”

Boosted Again

I got my second Covid-19 booster shot today! I was torn about getting the shot, when in many parts of the world, so many people haven’t even been able to get one Covid vaccine, let alone four. But ultimately, my skipping the shot would not mean that someone in Haiti or Malawi could get one.Continue reading “Boosted Again”