No More Quarantine

I posted yesterday that I was still waiting for the results of the covid-19 tests my son and I had taken, after he was possibly exposed to the virus at school. Finally, late last night, I received the results: We are both negative. He had already been tested last week, just after he returned homeContinue reading “No More Quarantine”

Covid Update

I posted yesterday about my son’s college roommate, Justin, having tested positive for covid-19 Thursday afternoon — one day after Jon Morgan got his first dose of the vaccine. That meant Jon Morgan had to go into quarantine, too. He could choose to move to a quarantine space at school (actually, the Sleep Inn nearContinue reading “Covid Update”

Not Out of the Woods Yet

Damn. We were so relieved when my college freshman son got his first vaccine dose Wednesday. But Thursday, his roommate — who had been ignoring the university’s covid restrictions — tested positive. Jon Morgan hasn’t seen a lot of him lately — the guy’s been spending most of his time at his girlfriend’s dorm, includingContinue reading “Not Out of the Woods Yet”

What Was in That Shot?

After nearly a year of writer’s block, during which my plot ran around in circles and refused to develop into a coherent outline, I got my first covid-19 vaccine a few weeks ago. And suddenly, I could write again. I whipped the outline into shape surprisingly easily, after all the time I’d struggled with it.Continue reading “What Was in That Shot?”

A Few Side Effects

I got my second shot of the covid-19 Pfizer vaccine on Saturday. A lot of people have warned of side effects for a couple days after getting vaccinated, especially with the second dose. Some have said the symptoms can be quite debilitating. I am grateful that mine were relatively mild. On Sunday I had aContinue reading “A Few Side Effects”

Dreaming Again

Yesterday I wrote about a dream I had Wednesday night, about living on Guernsey Island and being separated from my son just as the Nazis invaded. I think it was really about my fears for my son during the pandemic, because he was not yet eligible to be vaccinated. The very next day, he learnedContinue reading “Dreaming Again”