Friendly Fire

After weeks of cold weather, my writer’s group was able to meet again on Thursday. Until last year we met twice a week in coffee shops. Of course, when the covid-19 pandemic struck, we had to stop gathering in indoor venues. After a few months of not meeting at all, we started up again lastContinue reading “Friendly Fire”

A Bump on the Head

I was going to blog today about Laura Ingalls Wilder, who was born on this day in 1867 and is one of my favorite writers ever. But an hour ago, I had an accident. My husband and I were putting some boxes away in the attic. OK, I admit that we were finally putting awayContinue reading “A Bump on the Head”

Fourteen Birds

A study finds that people are happier if they are exposed to more biodiversity of birds in their environment. Seeing fourteen different species of birds on a regular basis brings as much happiness as making an extra $150 a month would bring. Despite my semi-urban environment, my yard is usually full of birds. But doContinue reading “Fourteen Birds”

Cutting in Line, Part Two

Last week I posted here and on Facebook about being disgusted by Vice President Pence and his wife receiving the covid vaccine as part of the first group to get it — after we were all told we’d have to wait our turn because the first group of people to be vaccinated would be medicalContinue reading “Cutting in Line, Part Two”

Cutting in Line for the Covid Vaccine

What hypocrites. Vice President Pence and his wife got their first covid19 vaccinations today. Members of Congress should all have theirs by next week. And yet, the rest of us are told we can’t get the vaccine yet because medical personnel have top priority. I don’t mind waiting my turn behind doctors and nurses andContinue reading “Cutting in Line for the Covid Vaccine”

A Little Help From Her Friends

A friend who is in her 80s posted on Facebook about a family wedding she planned to attend, 700 miles away from her home. It would require traveling by plane, staying in a house with extended family members, and attending a big wedding with relatives she desperately missed and was anxious to see. She hadContinue reading “A Little Help From Her Friends”

3,000 a Day and Counting

The virus is running rampant, thanks to the Trump administration’s complete abdication of responsibility for controlling it. Yesterday we hit 3,055 U.S. deaths from the virus in one day, the highest ever. That surpasses the number killed in the 9/11 attacks, which was 2,977. In fact, most of the deadliest days in U.S. history wereContinue reading “3,000 a Day and Counting”

Lockdown Fatigue

I was exasperated online yesterday in a discussion of whether there should be restrictions on businesses in the interest of minimizing the risk of people catching covid-19. I posted to agree that public health necessitated some restrictions on how business is done. Someone blasted me for that, claiming business owners are punished more by havingContinue reading “Lockdown Fatigue”

Happy Birthday, Blog!

One year ago today, my blog debuted on this platform. I’d been writing a blog for years, but it was on a different site, and the host company had become increasingly difficult to work with, so it was time for a change. Here’s a link to my very first entry on this site. So, whatContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Blog!”