Spring Begins as Spring Break Ends

My son’s spring break ended yesterday, and he returned to campus. And today, spring begins. I was sorry to see him go back to school — though, of course, I am also pleased that he is doing so well at his university and has forged some strong friendships. But I will miss him. I readContinue reading “Spring Begins as Spring Break Ends”

A New Semester Begins

Winter break is over, and my son went back to campus today. It’s also his 21st birthday! So he’s out of that gray area between 17 and 21, when he was an adult for some things and not others. It shouldn’t be that hard to believe. He’s 6-foot-3 and wears a size 15 shoe. ButContinue reading “A New Semester Begins”

Concert Month

I attended a concert at my son’s university last night, a student recital. The school really does have an excellent music department, though I’m afraid a lot of non-music majors and their parents don’t know it. The concert was the senior recital of a Music Composition student. These recitals are completely student-directed. He had toContinue reading “Concert Month”