Photo Friday: Spider

A few days ago, we took a walk through Huntley Meadows wetlands park. We were hoping to see raccoons, or even the rare roseate spoonbills that are usually not seen this far north, but that have been hanging out there this summer. We did see great blue herons, some turtles, and a muskrat. But theContinue reading “Photo Friday: Spider”

Photo Friday: Dove With an Attitude

I was sitting on the patio yesterday, writing and enjoying the beautiful weather and the many creatures that live on my property. We only recently started putting birdseed in the feeder again, and the mourning doves are no longer holding a grudge. This one sat on the roof of the feeder for some time, happyContinue reading “Photo Friday: Dove With an Attitude”

After the Hurricane

After yesterday’s storm, today dawned bright and cloudless and beautiful. The sky is blue, the temperature is in the 70s, and sunlit branches dance in the breeze. I’m writing in my backyard, amidst hummingbirds and woodpeckers. Catbirds call, and mourning doves quarrel over birdseed. I just glimpsed a fox through the oaks and the hollies.Continue reading “After the Hurricane”

Ida’s Last Stand

The remnants of Hurricane Ida reached us today. We’ve had bouts of heavy rain and wind, alternating with periods of moderate rain and even some of no rain at all. We’ve been under a tornado watch for much of the day, but the only actual tornado warnings are fairly far from here. The creek acrossContinue reading “Ida’s Last Stand”

National Geocaching Day

I just realized that today is National Geocaching Day. Do you Geocache? Geocaching is an activity that involves the use of a GPS device and instructions or clues to located containers called “geocaches” at specific locations all over the world. Anyone who has registered on the website can hide a geocache or search for one.Continue reading “National Geocaching Day”

Photo Friday: Perspective

This photo is one I took last weekend on a mountaintop in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. We were hiking on the Appalachian Trail, to reach the top of Spy Rock. We hadn’t done much hiking in some time, and were out of practice. But we made it to the top, which was atContinue reading “Photo Friday: Perspective”

Hummingbird Haven

The hummingbirds in our garden have been particularly active lately. We already knew we had two of them. One was larger, with a greenish back and more neutral colors overall. The other was smaller and bright green, with a dark face. We wondered if the two were a mated pair, but neither had the rubyContinue reading “Hummingbird Haven”