Blue Ridge Idyll

Last weekend we were supposed to be visiting with some of my husband’s family in Michigan. A week or so before we were meant to travel, we spoke with his brother and sister-in-law and reluctantly decided to cancel the gathering. With covid-19 numbers increasing and the risk of spreading the virus skyrocketing because of theContinue reading “Blue Ridge Idyll”

Are We Still Arguing About This? Really?

Someone on a Facebook page I belong to posted a question, asking members how we’re doing with the newly reinstated covid-19 mask guidelines. Most people showed a lot of sense and said they are following the new guidelines. But one woman — we’ll call her Jennifer — said she will not follow the guidelines, becauseContinue reading “Are We Still Arguing About This? Really?”

Camp NaNo Progress: Month’s End

Last week, I finally acknowledged to myself that there was no way I’d be able to meet my goal of 20,000 words written on the novel during July 2021, and I reluctantly revised my goal to 15,000. Last night, with an hour and forty-five minutes left in the month, I achieved that revised goal. AsContinue reading “Camp NaNo Progress: Month’s End”

No More Quarantine

Beginning Monday, England is lifting its quarantine rules for incoming vaccinated travelers from the U.S.! Wales has just announced that it’s following suit. This means that Americans traveling there will have to provide proof of vaccination and pass a covid test before traveling and a few days after arriving, but will not have to stayContinue reading “No More Quarantine”

The State of the Pandemic: Anti-Vaxxers

I haven’t posted a Covid-19 update in a while, and it’s about time I did. Despite many Americans’ decision to pretend that the pandemic is over and it’s safe to go back to pre-covid activities, the virus is still circulating here — and much more so, in many parts of the world. What’s even moreContinue reading “The State of the Pandemic: Anti-Vaxxers”

Screentime for Teens

I wrote this one yesterday and forgot to post it then. My son’s girlfriend is here, and they’re playing video games. They do that together a lot — that, and watch television. On one hand, they seem to spend way too much time staring at screens, which feels to me like a bad thing. OnContinue reading “Screentime for Teens”

Roller Coaster Redux

My son asked if we could go to Busch Gardens theme park this summer. In general, I’m not into theme parks, but I actually enjoyed Busch Gardens the last time we were there, because it’s beautifully maintained and has things to do besides rides. I get sick on rides. Then Facebook reminded me of thisContinue reading “Roller Coaster Redux”

There’s a Holiday for Everything

Today is International Ragweed Day. I didn’t know that until a few minutes ago, but my nose knew. I have to wonder who decided we needed a holiday to honor ragweed, which is a bane to so many of us. And it’s celebrated on the same day as the Great American Picnic Day, because nothingContinue reading “There’s a Holiday for Everything”

Motherhood and the Internet Trolls

The Washington Post ran a column by Monica Hesse this week, The Unreasonable Expectations of Motherhood in America Today — and its Consequences. In it, Hesse talks about the falling birth rate in the United States and all the institutional reasons why she and other U.S. women feel forced to put off parenthood or forgoContinue reading “Motherhood and the Internet Trolls”

Reality Check: Was I Out of Line?

You know those posts where people ask if they were out of line with something they said or did that caused a ruckus? I guess this is one of those. I am mystified. A friend posted something online inviting her friends to come to monthly meetings of a new group she’s started. I responded, andContinue reading “Reality Check: Was I Out of Line?”