My Grandfather and the President

I just realized that today is the anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, who was shot in Dallas, Texas, on 22 November 1963. I’m not old enough to have any memories of that day. But my grandfather knew JFK; he was treasurer of his presidential campaign for the state of Pennsylvania. ResearchingContinue reading “My Grandfather and the President”

Throwback Thursday: My Mother, the Pinup Girl

I mentioned recently that my mother let me borrow a lot of old photos from her side of the family, so I could scan them all. This one is a treasure. This is my mother, back when she was a pinup girl. A newspaper on an Air Force base published her picture one month asContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: My Mother, the Pinup Girl”

Throwback Thursday: Playing Soldier

I am still working on scanning all of the old family photos my father and stepmother passed on to me this summer. This is one of my favorites. This photo shows my father’s family, and was almost certainly taken in Pennsylvania, where they lived — most likely in 1944, judging from the apparent age ofContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Playing Soldier”

Flag-Flying Foolishness

Why do so many people feel that their own opinions and preferences should govern everyone else’s choices???? A man named Matthew posted before-and-after pictures of his house on a Facebook page devoted to home renovation, restoration, and decoration. The “after” picture showed a cute, modest one-story yellow house with a red door. It also happenedContinue reading “Flag-Flying Foolishness”

Follow the Damn Rules

The sign on the door said, Mask Required … Regardless of Vaccination Status. Yet, inside the gift shop at a major national park, I estimated that fewer than 10 percent of customers wore masks. And the employees were not even trying to enforce the rule. What is wrong with people? I’ll give a pass toContinue reading “Follow the Damn Rules”

Plotting the Great American Road Trip

The Great American Road Trip is shaping up. We are driving 3,000 miles or so to see my father and stepmother in California, and then we’re heading back on a different route, making various stops along the way. Hotel prices are out of sight this year, apparently in sympathy with the skyrocketing gas prices. ButContinue reading “Plotting the Great American Road Trip”