Motherhood and the Internet Trolls

The Washington Post ran a column by Monica Hesse this week, The Unreasonable Expectations of Motherhood in America Today — and its Consequences. In it, Hesse talks about the falling birth rate in the United States and all the institutional reasons why she and other U.S. women feel forced to put off parenthood or forgoContinue reading “Motherhood and the Internet Trolls”

Friday Five: A Year Later

1) What are you doing this spring that you weren’t doing 1 year ago?Making travel plans! A year ago, the pandemic lockdown was relatively new, it was hard even to get a covid test, let alone a vaccination, and it seemed that we would be stuck at home forever. Now, with the U.S. vaccination rateContinue reading “Friday Five: A Year Later”

Travel Plans, Past and Present

Nine years ago today I was packing to embark on one of the best trips ever. I traveled to Italy, and everything about it was magnificent. The first week was part of a tour of Tuscany set up with a professional association I belong to. There were only seven of us on the trip, andContinue reading “Travel Plans, Past and Present”

Just Add Books

Two years ago today, we were preparing to install our Little Free Library, LFL#9136, at our new address. I had originally opened the library in front of our old house in 2013, after a friend built it for me. It was popular on our old street, just a few blocks from here, and when weContinue reading “Just Add Books”

Photo Friday: Griffon

Facebook reminded me this week of some photos I posted six years ago, of the George Washington Middle School Orchestra trip to a music competition at Busch Gardens theme park. I was a chaperone. The orchestra competed onstage Friday, and then spent all day Saturday having a blast at Busch Gardens, until it was timeContinue reading “Photo Friday: Griffon”

Were the Good Old Days That Good?

A question online asked whether kids in the U.S. today, with cell phones, social media, and other technology, have childhoods that were better than ours were, or worse. Almost everyone who replied said absolutely that our childhoods, in less technologically connected times, were way better that childhoods are today. I was one of the fewContinue reading “Were the Good Old Days That Good?”