And the Shutdown Continues

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced a phased-in plan for easing pandemic-related restrictions, beginning this week. But we won’t be taking part. Here in Northern Virginia, the number of cases is still rising. We have nearly 1,500 in Alexandria alone. One of the criteria for beginning the reopening process is that the numbers have to haveContinue reading “And the Shutdown Continues”

Taekwondo Class in the Time of Coronavirus

I posted a video a couple days ago of my teenage son’s virtual piano lesson, with him sitting at the baby grand with his phone set up nearby so his teacher could tune in via WhatsApp. In addition to being a musician, Jon Morgan is a third-degree black belt in taekwondo. Before the shutdown, heContinue reading “Taekwondo Class in the Time of Coronavirus”

Piano Lessons in the Time of Coronavirus

At first, the piano teacher wanted to keep coming to the house. After the governor’s shutdown order, I put my foot down. The piano teacher is in a high-risk age group, yet she resisted. She is using Facetime for lessons with some of her students, but didn’t understand when we said we can’t use FacetimeContinue reading “Piano Lessons in the Time of Coronavirus”

Another Update From the Land of Social Distancing

Just before our statewide lockdown was announced, I drove to Michael’s to pick up a framing job. I was anticipating the stay-home order and figured if I didn’t take it home right away, it might be there for months. The framing job was my teenage son’s third-degree black belt certificate for taekwondo. While I waitedContinue reading “Another Update From the Land of Social Distancing”

Photo Friday: Homemade Bagels

With the pandemic having shut down so much of society outside our homes, many of us are spending some of our newfound free time in the kitchen. Generally, I am not what anyone would call domestic, but I do like to bake. In fact, I frequently bake bread. But for years, I’ve wanted to attemptContinue reading “Photo Friday: Homemade Bagels”

Update to the End of High School

I posted yesterday about the Virginia governor’s announcement that schools are closed through the end of the school year. And today, it was no surprise that the high-school principal confirmed in an email to parents what I’d already assumed: that my son and other seniors will not have a graduation ceremony or prom. I’m sureContinue reading “Update to the End of High School”

And Just Like That, High School Is Over

The governor of Virginia announced today that state K-12 schools are closed for the rest of the school year. I don’t fault him for making the decision. Our schools were already closed through the end of spring break in mid-April, but anyone who thinks this global coronavirus pandemic will be over by then is, well,Continue reading “And Just Like That, High School Is Over”