Motherhood and the Internet Trolls

The Washington Post ran a column by Monica Hesse this week, The Unreasonable Expectations of Motherhood in America Today — and its Consequences. In it, Hesse talks about the falling birth rate in the United States and all the institutional reasons why she and other U.S. women feel forced to put off parenthood or forgoContinue reading “Motherhood and the Internet Trolls”

June 19 Writer Birthdays

1623 – Blaise Pascal, French child prodigy who grew up to be a writer, mathematician, physicist, inventor, and Catholic theologian; he made important contributions to the study of fluids, clarified the concepts of pressure and vacuum, and wrote in defense of the scientific method. 1782 – Hugues Felicité Robert de Lamennais, French priest, writer, theologian,Continue reading “June 19 Writer Birthdays”

Friday Five: Heights

Apparently the Friday Five this weeks is called Heights because of a film that’s out with that name. I haven’t seen it and have no idea what it’s about. As much as I miss seeing movies in their natural habitat, I have no plans to be in a theater anytime soon with crowds of unmaskedContinue reading “Friday Five: Heights”

June 18 Writer Birthdays

1812 – Ivan Alexandrovich Goncharov, Russian novelist and travel writer whose greatest work is Oblomov, a satire on Old World Russia. 1827 – Alexander Balloch Grosart, British author and editor. 1838 – Auberon Herbert, English writer, theorist, and philosopher. 1877 – Abraham Yahuda, Jewish Palestinian writer, linguist, and teacher who translated and interpreted many ancientContinue reading “June 18 Writer Birthdays”

Throwback Thursday: Sailor Suit

This Sunday is Father’s Day, so for Throwback Thursday, here’s a photo of my own father, from Easter 1943, when he had just turned four years old. Before the end of that year, his own father would be called up to fight in World War II. This one always surprises me a bit, in theContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Sailor Suit”

June 17 Writer Birthdays

1797 – Alexandre Vinet, Swiss literary critic and theologian who advocated for religious freedom and the separation of church and state. 1808 – Everhardus Johannes Potgieter, Dutch writer, travel author, poet, and founder of a literary magazine, where he wrote under the initials W.Dg. 1808 – Henrik Arnold Thaulow Wergeland, Norwegian poet, prolific playwright, historian,Continue reading “June 17 Writer Birthdays”

June 16 Writer Birthdays

1723 – Adam Smith, Scottish economist, author, and philosopher who is considered the Father of Economics; he is best known for his work The Wealth of Nations. 1880 – Alice Ann Bailey, English writer of books on theosophical and spiritual subjects who was one of the first writers to use the term New Age; sheContinue reading “June 16 Writer Birthdays”

June 15 Writer Birthdays

1727 – Justine Favart, influential French writer, playwright, opera singer, ballet dancer, and actor who was a bold reformer in theater scripts and costumes. 1763 – Marie-Adélaïde Hadot (née Richard) was an early 19th-century French novelist and playwright; she wrote under the pen name Barthélemy-Hadot. 1763 – Kobayashi Issawas, Japanese poet and lay Buddhist priestContinue reading “June 15 Writer Birthdays”