Writing, Travel Planning, Searching for Ancestors, and Playing With Glass Bits

I’ve been crazy busy all week, trying to finish the current round of editing on my science-fiction novel, preparing for THREE trips, taking a mosaics class, and fitting in some genealogy around the edges. Novel Editing On the novel, the only part left to finish editing (for this run-through) is the Epilogue. Then I haveContinue reading “Writing, Travel Planning, Searching for Ancestors, and Playing With Glass Bits”

May 28 Writer Birthdays

1641 – Johann Weikhard Freiherr von Valvasor (also known as simply Valvasor), writer, geologist, cartographer, publisher, and natural historian from Carniola (present-day Slovenia) who was known as a pioneer of karst studies, but whose best known work was a 15-volume study of the history of Carniola. 1728 – Maria Angela Ardinghelli, Italian writer, poet, nonfictionContinue reading “May 28 Writer Birthdays”

May 27 Writer Birthdays

1378 – Zhu Quan, Chinese Ming-dynasty prince who was a writer, poet, playwright, painter, historian, military commander, composer, and zither player. 1652 – Elizabeth Charlotte (Madame Palatine), German and French writer and princess who married Philippe I, Duke of OrlĂ©ans; her vast, frank correspondence provides a detailed account of the personalities and activities at theContinue reading “May 27 Writer Birthdays”

May 26 Writer Birthdays

1700 – Nicolaus Zinzendorf, German writer, poet, translator, theologian, hymnwriter, orator, religious and social reformer, and bishop of the Moravian Church. 1799 – Felipe Poey, Cuban writer, zoologist, lepidopterist, and ichthyologist. 1833 – Hannah Cullwick, British diarist whose work revealed lesser-known aspects of the relations between Victorian servants and their masters. Working in domestic service,Continue reading “May 26 Writer Birthdays”

May 25 Writer Birthdays

1461 – Zanobi Acciaioli, Florentian Italian writer, poet, translator, and Dominican friar who was Librarian of the Vatican under Pope Leo X. 1625 – John Davies, Welsh writer, translator, and historian. 1661 – Claude Buffier, Polish-born French writer, historian, theologian, cartographer, teacher, and philosopher. 1803 – Ralph Waldo Emerson, U.S. essayist, poet, lecturer, and philosopherContinue reading “May 25 Writer Birthdays”

May 24 Writer Birthdays

1670 – Vitus Pichler, controversial Austrian writer, professor, philosopher, Jesuit priest, and scholar of canon law who is regarded as the first writer to lay down, clearly and separately, the distinction between fundamental theology and science. 1788 – Susan Anne Livingston Ridley Sedgwick, U.S. writer who specialized in children’s novels; she is also well knownContinue reading “May 24 Writer Birthdays”

May 23 Writer Birthdays

1606 – Juan Caramuel y Lobkowitz, Spanish writer, mathematician, and Catholic philosopher. 1707 – Carl Linnaeus, Swedish botanist, zoologist, and physician who formalized binomial nomenclature, the modern system of naming organisms, and is known as the “father of modern taxonomy.” 1729 – Giuseppe Parini, Italian Neoclassical poet, writer, and satirist. 1802 – Mary Hennell, BritishContinue reading “May 23 Writer Birthdays”

May 22 Writer Birthdays

1009 – Su Xun, Chinese Song dynasty poet and essayist. 1772 – Ram Mohan Roy, Indian writer, translator, philosopher, religious and social reformer, and humanitarian known for efforts to abolish child marriage and the practice of sati (the sacrifice of a widow on her deceased husband’s pyre); he is considered the “father of the IndianContinue reading “May 22 Writer Birthdays”

52 Ancestors, Week 21: Brick Wall

In genealogy, a brick wall is a point at which one ancestor brings you to an abrupt halt in your effort to trace your family tree. Further information on this person is elusive, or you know who it was, but cannot seem to find the records you need in order to determine who the ancestor’sContinue reading “52 Ancestors, Week 21: Brick Wall”