October 22 Writer Birthdays

1844 – Sarah Bernhardt (born Henriette-Rosine Bernard), world-renowned French stage and screen actress who was one of the first major acting stars; she was also a book author, playwright, autobiographer, painter, and sculptor. 1870 – Ivan Bunin, Nobel Prize-winning Russian writer who was praised for “his bold and ingenious revival of dramatic and scenic art.”Continue reading “October 22 Writer Birthdays”

How Much Laundry Fits Into a Prius?

He’s here! I posted yesterday to say my son would be coming home today for fall break. So this morning we drove down and loaded up the car with his stuff and his roommate’s, almost all of it for both sophomores consisting of dirty laundry. Then we reshuffled and repacked until we could actually fitContinue reading “How Much Laundry Fits Into a Prius?”

October 21 Writer Birthdays

1772 – Samuel Taylor Coleridge, English poet, philosopher, and literary critic, best known for his works The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Kubla Khan; he was one of the Lake Poets and is considered a founder (along with his friend, poet William Wordsworth) of the Romantic movement in English poetry. 1790 – Alphonse MarieContinue reading “October 21 Writer Birthdays”

Here Comes the Son

My son is coming home tomorrow! His school has fall break for the next few days, so we’re driving down to campus Thursday to pick him and his roommate up. We’ll drive him home, stopping along the way at his roommate’s house to drop him off. On Sunday we’ll drive our son back to hisContinue reading “Here Comes the Son”

October 20 Writer Birthdays

1733 – Sugita Genpaku, Japanese writer, scholar, and translator best known for his translations of anatomy books. 1740 – Isabelle de Charrière (née Isabella Agneta Elisabeth van Tuyll van Serooskerken), Dutch French-language writer, composer, poet, playwright, translator, philosopher, novelist, essayist, and feminist. 1781 – Jovan Atanasijev Došenovic, Serbian philosopher, poet, and translator who is consideredContinue reading “October 20 Writer Birthdays”

October 19 Writer Birthdays

1433 – Marsilio Ficino, Italian philosopher, Italian writer, poet, astrologer, translator, cleric, and philosopher who was the first translator of Plato’s complete works into Latin; Ficino is regarded as one of the most influential humanist philosophers of the early Italian Renaissance. 1761 – Deborah Norris Logan, U.S. Quaker historian, writer, editor, biographer, diarist, and memoiristContinue reading “October 19 Writer Birthdays”

An Extra Boost of Immunity

Earlier this month I received a text from the state department of health saying I was eligible for my covid-19 vaccination booster shot. I was surprised. It had been almost six months since my second of the two initial Pfizer doses, but I’m not 65 years old, and I thought the state was prioritizing olderContinue reading “An Extra Boost of Immunity”

October 18 Writer Birthdays

1569 – Giambattista Marino, influential Italian poet who founded the school of Marinism, characterized by the use of extravagant conceits. 1638 – Lars (Lasse) Johnstown, Swedish baroque poet, usually referred to by his pseudonym, Lucidor. 1681 – Yi Ik, Korean philosopher, writer, poet, author, and politician; his most famous work was Record of Concern forContinue reading “October 18 Writer Birthdays”

October 17 Writer Birthdays

1517 – Amalia of Cleves (sometimes spelled Amelia), German writer, poet, and princess who was the sister of Anne of Cleves and was descended from the kings of both England and France. 1711 – Jupiter Hammon, poet, writer, and slave who became the first African-American to be a published writer in the United States, withContinue reading “October 17 Writer Birthdays”

A Musical Interlude: The Video

I posted Thursday night about the concert I attended at my son’s university. He’s second chair in the first violin section of the JMU Chamber Orchestra. I drove down yesterday afternoon to attend. The theme of the concert was “Mozart’s Circle.” Mozart is one of the three composers whose works are featured; the other twoContinue reading “A Musical Interlude: The Video”