August 13 Writer Birthdays

1606 – Esteban de Aguilar y Zúñiga, Spanish writer, poet, educator, translator, theologian, and sermon writer. 1617 – Johannes Andreas Quenstedt, German writer, theologian, and university teacher 1802 – Nikolaus Lenau (born Nikolaus Niembsch von Strehlenau), Austrian poet who is considered Austria’s greatest modern lyric poet; he wrote in German. 1807 – Lucjan Siemieński, PolishContinue reading “August 13 Writer Birthdays”

August 12 Writer Birthdays

1498 – Giambattista Gelli, Italian Florentine writer, philosopher, playwright, and historical writer who is best known for his works Capricci del bottaio and La Circe, which are ethical and philosophical dialogues. 1712 – Jonas Hanway, English writer, historian, shopkeeper, traveler, and philanthropist. 1774 – Robert Southey, English poet and biographer. 1831 – Helena Blavatsky, Russian-GermanContinue reading “August 12 Writer Birthdays”

August 11 Writer Birthdays

1661 – Takarai Kikaku (also known as Enomoto Kikaku), influential Japanese writer and poet best known for his haiku poetry. 1694 – Giorgio Baffo, Italian poet and politician who was a prolific writer of licentious sonnets and one of the major writers in the Venetian language. 1729 – Ponce Denis Écouchard Lebrun, French writer andContinue reading “August 11 Writer Birthdays”

August 10 Writer Birthdays

1555 – Vavrinec Benedikt of Nedožery, Czech poet, linguist, mathematician, translator, university educator, and science writer. 1629 – Agostino Scilla, Italian painter, paleontologist, and geologist who was a pioneer in the study of fossils. 1757 – Joaquín Lorenzo Villanueva, Spanish writer, poet, politician, historian, journalist, and priest. 1823 – Gonçalves Dias, Brazilian poet, writer, playwright,Continue reading “August 10 Writer Birthdays”

August 9 Writer Birthdays

1593 – Izaak Walton, English writer, biographer, and fisherman, best known for the book The Compleat Angler and for his biography of his friend the poet and philosopher John Donne. 1795 – Judit Dukai Takách, Hungarian poet and writer who was known by her pseudonym Malvina. 1817 – Justo Arosemena Quesada, Colombian writer, lawyer, economist,Continue reading “August 9 Writer Birthdays”

August 8 Writer Birthdays

1518 – Conrad Lycosthenes, German Alsatian writer, encyclopedist, theologian, philologist, and humanist. 1640 – Amalia Katharina of Waldeck-Eisenberg (Countess of Erbach-Erbach), Dutch-born German poet and composer. 1746 – Hieronymus van Alphen, Dutch poet, writer, children’s author and poet, literary critic, art theorist, lawyer, and politician; his work for children was considered groundbreaking because of hisContinue reading “August 8 Writer Birthdays”

August 7 Writer Birthdays

1321 – Banda Nawaz Gaisu Daraz (born Muhammad bin Yusuf Al-Hussaini), prolific Indian writer, scholar, and Sufi saint, he wrote 195 books in Arabic, Persian, and Urdu. 1533 – Alonso de Ercilla y Zúñiga, Spanish writer, poet, explorer, and soldier; his epic poem La Araucana is considered one of the greatest Spanish historical poems. 1592Continue reading “August 7 Writer Birthdays”

August 6 Writer Birthdays

1007 – Ouyang Xiu (courtesy name Yongshu), Chinese writer, poet, historian, essayist, philosopher, calligrapher, and statesman; he was also known by his art names Zuiweng (Old Drunkard) and Liu Yi Jushi (Retiree Six-One). 1180 – Go-Toba (born Takahira-shinnō), Japanese emperor who ascended to the throne at the age of three; after his abdication to hisContinue reading “August 6 Writer Birthdays”