A Musical Interlude

Two days ago, I learned from the father of my son’s college roommate that they had a concert planned for tonight! (They’re both violinists in the university’s Chamber Orchestra.) My son never mentioned it because he couldn’t imagine we would want to drive 2.5 hours just to attend an hour-long concert. Oh, he of littleContinue reading “A Musical Interlude”

Ida’s Last Stand

The remnants of Hurricane Ida reached us today. We’ve had bouts of heavy rain and wind, alternating with periods of moderate rain and even some of no rain at all. We’ve been under a tornado watch for much of the day, but the only actual tornado warnings are fairly far from here. The creek acrossContinue reading “Ida’s Last Stand”

Grateful for Minor Annoyances

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. I went down to the basement this afternoon and discovered that the air conditioner was leaking onto the floor. Nothing was damaged. Part of the concrete floor and a doormat-sized rug were wet; that’s all. I photographed it and sent a picture to my husband, who said heContinue reading “Grateful for Minor Annoyances”

The Life and Times of an Ugly Refrigerator

I saw the meme at right online today, and it reminded me of our ugly old refrigerator. It was 1991 when we moved into my former house. It had a 1960 model refrigerator, older than me and way older than the refrigerator in this image. Ours was chocolate brown, faded in some spots, and exceptionallyContinue reading “The Life and Times of an Ugly Refrigerator”