Patron Saint of Petrinis

Today is the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi. While technically I am Catholic, I’m not at all religious, so I don’t claim that the day has deep theological meaning for me. But it does have genealogical meaning: the Petrini side of my family is from Assisi. So I’m calling St. Francis’s feast dayContinue reading “Patron Saint of Petrinis”

Italy 2012: Day 13

Nine years ago today, my glorious time in Italy was coming to a close. June 6 was my last full day in Assisi, one of my own ancestral hometowns. I spent most of it wandering the magnificently historic streets, and visiting churches and shops and ruins. This hill town is ridiculously scenic; going through myContinue reading “Italy 2012: Day 13”

Italy 2012: Day 10

The tenth day of my trip to Italy, exactly nine years ago, was my time-travel day. I began the day in ancient Roman times and moved forward through the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The Colosseum, in particular, captured my imagination. I’d heard about it all my life, and have seen many photos. But nothing capturesContinue reading “Italy 2012: Day 10”