One Year Later, Still Disinfecting

It was exactly one year ago today that I first photographed and posted this image of a prettily packaged gift basket full of cleaning supplies. The pandemic was just gearing up on this side of the country, certain supplies suddenly disappeared from grocery store shelves, and an upscale market near me was selling gift basketsContinue reading “One Year Later, Still Disinfecting”

Best Books of 2020: Old Favorites

Happy New Year! I mentioned a few days ago that I completed my 2020 Reading Challenge on the Goodreads website. I’d set my goal at 130 books read during the year, and I reached that goal, with just a few days left in the year. I may still finish another book today, so the numberContinue reading “Best Books of 2020: Old Favorites”

Happy Birthday, Blog!

One year ago today, my blog debuted on this platform. I’d been writing a blog for years, but it was on a different site, and the host company had become increasingly difficult to work with, so it was time for a change. Here’s a link to my very first entry on this site. So, whatContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Blog!”

Learning Curve

Alexandria has announced that the city schools will be all-virtual when school begins next month. It was the last of the local school districts to make that announcement. So the school year, at least to start with, will take place online. I have mixed feelings. Last spring was disastrous for my son trying to completeContinue reading “Learning Curve”

Photo Friday: What the Flock?

Because of the pandemic, my son’s high-school graduation a couple weeks ago had to be a virtual ceremony, which took some of the fun out of the occasion. The school’s All-Night Grad Party had to be canceled too, along with the party we were planning and the prom and all the spring concerts. My motherContinue reading “Photo Friday: What the Flock?”

Distance Learning

There is a lot of talk about what happens to schools this fall, in the face of a virus that is just not letting up. Will they open as usual? Will they stay closed, with students continuing online classes from home? Or will there be some combination of both? Alexandria schools did as well asContinue reading “Distance Learning”

Photo Friday: March of the MVCS Titans

My son’s high-school graduation is tomorrow, but with large gatherings still prohibited because of the coronavirus pandemic, there will be no in-person ceremony. Instead, we’ll all watch a virtual event from home on television or the internet. Still, a group of parents wanted some sort of socially distanced in-person celebration. We’d thought of a carContinue reading “Photo Friday: March of the MVCS Titans”

Friday Photo: One More Week

My son graduates high school next week, on June 13. It will be a different kind of high-school graduation, with the graduates at home in their own living rooms watching the ceremony on television and computer screens. But they were asked to submit photos of themselves in caps and gowns, to be displayed as eachContinue reading “Friday Photo: One More Week”