Postcards From the World: Deux de France

I know I just posted about a recent Postcrossing card I received. But an envelope that just came in the mail was noteworthy enough to deserve another Postcards From the World mention. The envelope came from France and contained not one but two postcards. They are from Sandra and Olivier, who live together in Alsace.Continue reading “Postcards From the World: Deux de France”

Photo Friday: the Big Easy

This week was Mardi Gras, but pandemic precautions meant the cancellation of the usual parades and parties. That was necessary, but it’s unfortunate. I’ve never actually visited New Orleans for Mardi Gras. But I’ve been to New Orleans on various occasions and I love that city. Of course, I enjoy the music and the food.Continue reading “Photo Friday: the Big Easy”

Photo Friday: Get Out Your Guitar

I love offbeat holidays. And yesterday was Get Out Your Guitar Day. Yes, this is a real thing. So the photo for today shows guitars. Well, guitar bodies, anyway. I took this one on the Martin Guitar factory tour in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Here are a row of guitar bodies waiting to be made into full-fledgedContinue reading “Photo Friday: Get Out Your Guitar”

Photo Friday: Snowbird

Until this week, we hadn’t had measurable snow in Alexandria since February 2019. Now we’ve broken our snowless streak, though I wouldn’t call it a major storm. It started when we were in Harrisonburg to bring our son back to JMU when campus reopened. Snow began falling there about 1 a.m. Sunday. The storm reachedContinue reading “Photo Friday: Snowbird”

Postcards From the World: Vintage Colorado

Yesterday I received my first Postcrossing postcard of the year, and it’s from here in the States. Specifically, it comes from Denver, Colorado, from a Postcrosser named Scarlett. Scarlett is a student, an artist, and a weightlifter, and she loves national parks and haunted places. She’s also learning German. She noticed the writers and booksContinue reading “Postcards From the World: Vintage Colorado”

A Little Help From Her Friends

A friend who is in her 80s posted on Facebook about a family wedding she planned to attend, 700 miles away from her home. It would require traveling by plane, staying in a house with extended family members, and attending a big wedding with relatives she desperately missed and was anxious to see. She hadContinue reading “A Little Help From Her Friends”

Blog Like Crazy: Wrapping Up the Month

The Blog Like Crazy challenge ends tonight. For the month of November, participants vowed to post a blog entry of at least 300 words each day. I did manage to post every day. In fact, most days I posted more than one entry, if you count my writer birthday lists. And many of my entriesContinue reading “Blog Like Crazy: Wrapping Up the Month”

Happy Birthday, Blog!

One year ago today, my blog debuted on this platform. I’d been writing a blog for years, but it was on a different site, and the host company had become increasingly difficult to work with, so it was time for a change. Here’s a link to my very first entry on this site. So, whatContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Blog!”

Postcards From the World: A Dutch Castle

I haven’t shared a Postcrossing card with you lately, though I continue to receive them — some beautiful, some interesting, and some just plain bizarre. (But that’s OK. I like bizarre.) Postcrossing is a site that connects people through postcards. Membership is close to 800,000 members in 208 countries, so members send and receive cardsContinue reading “Postcards From the World: A Dutch Castle”

Memories of Thanksgivings Past

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and it will be a quiet one at my house: just my husband, our son, and me. On one hand, we’ve all just tested negative for the virus again, we’re all healthy, and we will have a nice meal. Many people have lost their jobs or taken a reduction in income duringContinue reading “Memories of Thanksgivings Past”