Friendly Fire

After weeks of cold weather, my writer’s group was able to meet again on Thursday. Until last year we met twice a week in coffee shops. Of course, when the covid-19 pandemic struck, we had to stop gathering in indoor venues. After a few months of not meeting at all, we started up again lastContinue reading “Friendly Fire”

Still Going Postal

A few days ago I posted about the Month of Letters, also known as LetterMo. This is a challenge I undertake every year; it encourages participants to write and mail at least one letter or postcard per day (every day that the mail runs) during the month of February. It’s time for an update. SinceContinue reading “Still Going Postal”

Magic Bullets

I’ve kept a journal for decades. I’m not as diligent about it in recent years, not since I started a blog, but I still find it useful to commit my thoughts, memories, and plans to paper, especially those that don’t need to be shared with the world. My journal has generally been a pretty standardContinue reading “Magic Bullets”

Plot Your Novel: Day 5

Friday was the final day of the Plot Your Novel in Just Five Days challenge, which puts together all the pieces from the preceding four days. The title of the lesson: Proof the Route. Just a few of the issues discussed: What is the difference between suspense and tension? (Suspense is a function of story;Continue reading “Plot Your Novel: Day 5”

Plot Your Novel: Day 3

Today’s lesson in the Plot Your Novel in Just Five Days challenge is number three, “Identifying Key Points of Interest.” This one builds on Monday’s and Tuesday’s assignments but is much more complex than the lessons of the first two days. The first day involved setting a Story Question, External Goal, and Internal Motivation forContinue reading “Plot Your Novel: Day 3”

Plot Your Novel: Day 2

Today, the second day of the Plot Your Novel in Just Five Days challenge, is subtitled Researching the Route. Yesterday I had to formulate the Story Question, External Goal, and Internal Motivation for my main character. Today I had to consider what the character needs to do or have happen in order to meet herContinue reading “Plot Your Novel: Day 2”

Plot Your Novel: Day 1

Today is the first day of the Plot Your Novel in Five Days challenge. It’s a free workshop, with a new 15-minute lesson posted each morning, each one assigning a task to move your plot forward. I’m hoping the structure will help me move forward with the book I’ve been outlining. Today’s assignment asked usContinue reading “Plot Your Novel: Day 1”

Blog Like Crazy: Wrapping Up the Month

The Blog Like Crazy challenge ends tonight. For the month of November, participants vowed to post a blog entry of at least 300 words each day. I did manage to post every day. In fact, most days I posted more than one entry, if you count my writer birthday lists. And many of my entriesContinue reading “Blog Like Crazy: Wrapping Up the Month”

Journaling 2: These Dreams

A couple days ago I pulled out an old journal I kept, back in November and December 1998, and I posted on this blog about the entries I found there. One surprise for me was just how often I recounted my dreams in the journal. I’ve always been someone who has strange and vivid dreams.Continue reading “Journaling 2: These Dreams”