Tested Again

I was in the West End of Alexandria yesterday, near the public park where the city was holding another free Covid-19 testing event. I’m not having symptoms, but I still believe testing large numbers of the population regularly can help us get a handle on this pandemic, so I decided to stop by and get tested.

The city has offered mass testing only once before, on Memorial Day, and my family and I were tested then. All negative. My son was tested at his doctor’s office in August before leaving for college. And all three of us went to an Urgent Care for testing in Harrisonburg when we had to pick him up from college to bring him home for most of September when the university shut down much of the campus because of the high numbers of cases. We were all negative then too. So yesterday’s was my third Coronavirus test. The line wasn’t that long, but it moved more slowly than I expected and took a lot longer than the last time. But the people doing the testing seemed to know their stuff. Now I just have to wait for the results.

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