Photo Friday: Settled In

As hard as it is for me to wrap my brain around it, my son began college this week. We rented a minivan, packed it up, and drove down to the university over the weekend to help him move in during his scheduled move-in time slot, noon to 3 pm Sunday. (His roommate was scheduled to arrive the following day.) It took quite a while, but the three of us managed to rearrange the furniture and get everything into the room. (The blue hutch on the desk is the one I wrote about painting a couple weeks ago.) Once it was all in place, I organized things while he and his dad worked on setting up his computer. He’s got a Chromebook to take to classes, but he also needs a desktop system for his music composition software. In the end, it took more than our allotted three hours, but it all fit!

An architectural jut-out in the corner (you can barely see it here, top left) messed up my planned furniture arrangement and necessitated a lot of trial and error to make everything fit in the dorm room. But we finally managed it, and he was happy with the way it turned out.

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