Home Again, Home Again

Just under two weeks ago, he moved into his dorm. Today, the college freshman is home again, at least for the next few weeks, due to campus temporarily closing because of rising numbers of Covid19 cases. Classes will continue online, and the school will figure out new procedures to put into place and then reassess at the end of the month.

My son was able to leave most of his stuff in the room for now, so at least we didn’t have to rent a van again to drive down and take him home. On the other hand, the car was quite full, especially because his laundry took up a lot of space; he hadn’t yet washed clothes in the dorm. If it hadn’t been dirty, I’d have told him to leave a lot of the clothes there; he has more at home. He also had to pack up his desktop and laptop computers, books and music, violin, valuables, and assorted other belongings — but not all the stuff we lugged there and unpacked when we helped him move in.

He is taking the disruption of his time on campus pretty well. He was enjoying living on campus, but he said that’s OK, he likes living at home too.

His room is partially cleared out, but we were able to leave a lot of his things behind, including the refrigerator, which as you can see is purple! Like a JMU dorm refrigerator should be.

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