Writing, Travel Planning, Searching for Ancestors, and Playing With Glass Bits

I’ve been crazy busy all week, trying to finish the current round of editing on my science-fiction novel, preparing for THREE trips, taking a mosaics class, and fitting in some genealogy around the edges. Novel Editing On the novel, the only part left to finish editing (for this run-through) is the Epilogue. Then I haveContinue reading “Writing, Travel Planning, Searching for Ancestors, and Playing With Glass Bits”

52 Ancestors, Week 3: Out of Place

It’s time once again for the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks project! This is a challenge started by genealogist Amy Johnson Crow, who sets a different theme for each week of the year. For Week 3, the theme is Out of Place. The ancestor I’ve chosen to highlight for this one is Giovanni DeRiggi, myContinue reading “52 Ancestors, Week 3: Out of Place”

Throwback Thursday: Boardwalk Update

A couple days ago I posted a photo of my grandparents that I was surprised to find hidden behind another photo in a picture frame. It appeared to be from the late 1930s, and I speculated that it might have been taken on their honeymoon. In that post, I suggested several possible locations. Since then,Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: Boardwalk Update”

Throwback Thursday: Hidden Treasure

This evening, I brought out an old photo of myself as a baby this evening and pulled it out of the frame to scan it. And behind it in the frame I found this picture, which I have never seen before! This is my maternal grandparents, Norma Tomassoni DeRicci and Ralph DeRicci. From their apparentContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Hidden Treasure”

It’s a Wonderful Museum

Six years ago this week, we met Zuzu! Bob and I visited Seneca Falls, New York, that week. After touring the women’s rights museum that had brought us to town, we came across an unexpected attraction: the It’s a Wonderful Life Museum. Seneca Falls seems to have been film director Frank Capra’s inspiration for theContinue reading “It’s a Wonderful Museum”

One More Post About the Coffee Table

When we checked into a hotel in Quakertown, PA, Friday night, the clerk asked what brought us there from Virginia in the middle of a snowstorm. I told him we’d found the perfect coffee table online, so we drove 3.5 hours to buy it. He replied, “That must be a really good coffee table.” WeContinue reading “One More Post About the Coffee Table”

Bagging the Elusive Coffee Table

I posted recently about finally finding a coffee table that I liked — except that I’d found it on an online auction site, and the actual table was 3.5 hours away, at an antique store in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. A major snowstorm was in the forecast, preparing to pound its way up the East Coast,Continue reading “Bagging the Elusive Coffee Table”

Shining a Light on the Maine Coast

Happy National Lighthouse Day! In honor of the occasion, here is a photo I took a few years ago of Nubble Light, in York, Maine, officially called the Cape Neddick Light Station. A nubble is a knob or lump, and refers here to the lumpy rock of the cape where the station sits. We sawContinue reading “Shining a Light on the Maine Coast”