August 13 Writer Birthdays

1606 – Esteban de Aguilar y Zúñiga, Spanish writer, poet, educator, translator, theologian, and sermon writer. 1617 – Johannes Andreas Quenstedt, German writer, theologian, and university teacher 1802 – Nikolaus Lenau (born Nikolaus Niembsch von Strehlenau), Austrian poet who is considered Austria’s greatest modern lyric poet; he wrote in German. 1807 – Lucjan Siemieński, PolishContinue reading “August 13 Writer Birthdays”

August 12 Writer Birthdays

1498 – Giambattista Gelli, Italian Florentine writer, philosopher, playwright, and historical writer who is best known for his works Capricci del bottaio and La Circe, which are ethical and philosophical dialogues. 1712 – Jonas Hanway, English writer, historian, shopkeeper, traveler, and philanthropist. 1774 – Robert Southey, English poet and biographer. 1831 – Helena Blavatsky, Russian-GermanContinue reading “August 12 Writer Birthdays”

August 11 Writer Birthdays

1661 – Takarai Kikaku (also known as Enomoto Kikaku), influential Japanese writer and poet best known for his haiku poetry. 1694 – Giorgio Baffo, Italian poet and politician who was a prolific writer of licentious sonnets and one of the major writers in the Venetian language. 1729 – Ponce Denis Écouchard Lebrun, French writer andContinue reading “August 11 Writer Birthdays”

August 10 Writer Birthdays

1555 – Vavrinec Benedikt of Nedožery, Czech poet, linguist, mathematician, translator, university educator, and science writer. 1629 – Agostino Scilla, Italian painter, paleontologist, and geologist who was a pioneer in the study of fossils. 1757 – Joaquín Lorenzo Villanueva, Spanish writer, poet, politician, historian, journalist, and priest. 1823 – Gonçalves Dias, Brazilian poet, writer, playwright,Continue reading “August 10 Writer Birthdays”

August 9 Writer Birthdays

1593 – Izaak Walton, English writer, biographer, and fisherman, best known for the book The Compleat Angler and for his biography of his friend the poet and philosopher John Donne. 1795 – Judit Dukai Takách, Hungarian poet and writer who was known by her pseudonym Malvina. 1817 – Justo Arosemena Quesada, Colombian writer, lawyer, economist,Continue reading “August 9 Writer Birthdays”

August 8 Writer Birthdays

1518 – Conrad Lycosthenes, German Alsatian writer, encyclopedist, theologian, philologist, and humanist. 1640 – Amalia Katharina of Waldeck-Eisenberg (Countess of Erbach-Erbach), Dutch-born German poet and composer. 1746 – Hieronymus van Alphen, Dutch poet, writer, children’s author and poet, literary critic, art theorist, lawyer, and politician; his work for children was considered groundbreaking because of hisContinue reading “August 8 Writer Birthdays”

August 7 Writer Birthdays

1321 – Banda Nawaz Gaisu Daraz (born Muhammad bin Yusuf Al-Hussaini), prolific Indian writer, scholar, and Sufi saint, he wrote 195 books in Arabic, Persian, and Urdu. 1533 – Alonso de Ercilla y Zúñiga, Spanish writer, poet, explorer, and soldier; his epic poem La Araucana is considered one of the greatest Spanish historical poems. 1592Continue reading “August 7 Writer Birthdays”

August 6 Writer Birthdays

1007 – Ouyang Xiu (courtesy name Yongshu), Chinese writer, poet, historian, essayist, philosopher, calligrapher, and statesman; he was also known by his art names Zuiweng (Old Drunkard) and Liu Yi Jushi (Retiree Six-One). 1180 – Go-Toba (born Takahira-shinnō), Japanese emperor who ascended to the throne at the age of three; after his abdication to hisContinue reading “August 6 Writer Birthdays”

August 5 Writer Birthdays

1540 – Joseph Justus Scaliger, French religious leader, writer, poet, professor, historian, translator, numismatist, classical scholar, and archaeologist who was known for expanding the notion of classical history from Greek and ancient Roman history to include Persian, Babylonian, Jewish, and ancient Egyptian history. 1647 – Anne Le Fèvre Dacier (better known during her lifetime asContinue reading “August 5 Writer Birthdays”

August 4 Writer Birthdays

1792 – Percy Bysshe Shelley, English romantic poet who is considered one of the finest lyric and epic poets in the English language; he was married to novelist Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, who is best known as the author of Frankenstein. 1839 – Walter Horatio Pater, English essayist, literary and art critic, fiction writer, and humanistContinue reading “August 4 Writer Birthdays”