Throwback Thursday: Steamship

I just found an image from an old postcard of the S.S. Chicago, the steamship that brought my great grandmother and three of her children to Ellis Island in 1909. Francesca Piccioli was from the Marche region of Italy, but she had been working as a wet nurse in France, which explains why she boardedContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Steamship”

Traveling Like a Local

I was watching a Rick Steves travel show on television, and he said something that’s one of his travel mantras — that the most memorable experiences come from meeting local residents. Strangely, my initial reaction was that I’d never have the guts to approach someone like that. I say “strangely,” because it took me onlyContinue reading “Traveling Like a Local”

Friday Five: Best Trips Ever

I was going to do the Friday Five (a weekly blog prompt) because I like the questions this week, which are all about travel. But I started writing and realized that my entry would be way too long, partly because one of the questions asks about my favorite trip ever, and I couldn’t narrow itContinue reading “Friday Five: Best Trips Ever”