Photo Friday: Get Out the Vote

I chose today’s photo because Election Day is this Tuesday. I voted, in person, more than a month ago. And I brought my son along. I’ve often brought him with me to the polls, but this year is different. He’s 18 now, and he voted in his first general election! (He did vote in a primary last spring.) He has always been politically aware. At age 6, he was a fan of Barack Obama. Here he is in 2008, posing with my yard sign. In fact, when President Obama was elected that year, Jon Morgan entered a contest, Kids’ Letters to President Obama. He was one of the winners, and his letter appears in the book that was published. He’s the 1st grader who offers to teach the leader of the free world how to bowl.

If he weren’t off at college right now, I’d make him pose in the same position beside my Biden/Harris sign so I could take a 12 Years Later photo.

Here is my son in 2008, posing with his favorite candidates’ sign. He was six years old. If he were home now and not at the university, I’d coerce him into posing the same way with my Biden/Harris sign.

If you haven’t voted yet, make a plan now!

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