More Thanksgiving Recap

We had a very nice Thanksgiving celebration this week at the home of some friends in the neighborhood. I bought food to bring this year. I kept thinking about cooking and baking and even brought ingredients, but in the end I decided I had a stressful enough week without worrying about that, too. So IContinue reading “More Thanksgiving Recap”

Art on the Avenue, at Last

Today was the day! Thousands of people gathered in my neighborhood for our yearly arts festival, Art on the Avenue. This outdoor street festival usually takes place in early October, but had to be postponed this year due to bad weather that day. I was volunteering as a Block Captain, walking up and down myContinue reading “Art on the Avenue, at Last”

Art on the Avenue 2022

The best day of the year to be in Del Ray is the first Saturday in October. Usually. That’s the scheduled date for our neighborhood art festival, Art on the Avenue. This year, a hurricane forced a postponement. The new date is tomorrow, November 12. Coincidentally, the remnants of another hurricane came through today, butContinue reading “Art on the Avenue 2022”

A Halloween Abduction

Seeing all the Halloween decorations this week reminded me of a Halloween seven years ago. It was 2015, and we were still in our old house, where there was enough space beside the Little Free Library for a bench. For the holiday, I had a scarecrow sitting on the bench with a box of books,Continue reading “A Halloween Abduction”