Fourteen Birds

A study finds that people are happier if they are exposed to more biodiversity of birds in their environment. Seeing fourteen different species of birds on a regular basis brings as much happiness as making an extra $150 a month would bring. Despite my semi-urban environment, my yard is usually full of birds. But doContinue reading “Fourteen Birds”

Photo Friday: Crazy Christmas House

Once upon a time in my neighborhood, there was a Crazy Christmas House, with an exterior and a front yard lit up like, well, a Christmas tree. An enormous, outrageous, crammed-with-color-and-light sort of Christmas tree extravaganza. It had Santas and carolers, reindeer and geese, teddy bears and polar bears, snowmen and elves, a ballerina, andContinue reading “Photo Friday: Crazy Christmas House”

Photo Friday: Fire Pit

Fall weather has finally come. The evenings are cool, and a few times, we’ve sat on the patio at night, enjoying a fire in our fire pit. With marshmallows. The fire pit is an old one, a cast-off that a neighbor was putting out to the curb for the trash one day, just after we’dContinue reading “Photo Friday: Fire Pit”

Anti-Maskers Online

I was involved in a discussion/virtual fistfight this week in NextDoor, the social media platform that seems to attract the most contentious people. Someone had posted in our neighborhood group to remind people to wear masks when in public spaces. Most people here seem to be wearing masks, but not everyone, and the numbers seemContinue reading “Anti-Maskers Online”

Home Sweet Home

Two years ago this week, we closed on our new house. We moved in several months later, after having some painting and repairs done. Since then, friends from distant places have asked to hear more about it. We’ve been here a year and a half now, so I guess it’s time. For nearly 30 years,Continue reading “Home Sweet Home”

Our Long National Nightmare Is Over

The major news organizations called Pennsylvania for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris this morning, putting the Democratic candidates over the 270 electoral votes needed to make them the President- and Vice President-Elect. A few states are still counting votes, but even if they all went for Trump (not likely) he would not have him enoughContinue reading “Our Long National Nightmare Is Over”