I just came from getting my second dose of the Pfizer covid19 vaccine. Woo-hoo! It will be two weeks before I can say I’m fully vaccinated, but I am so glad to have received both shots.

I’ve been impressed with the efficient way the city is running the vaccination clinics. The volunteers and staff are knowledgeable and friendly, the space is well organized, and the process seems to be running like clockwork. My appointment today was at 3 pm. I arrived about 10 minutes early, filled out the pre-registration app, waited in a short line, and got my vaccination. Even with a glitch in the app that forced me to fill in the same information twice, I was finished and waiting for my ride at 3:15.

Next, my son needs his vaccination. His university has just started vaccinating students. He could have signed up for his first Pfizer dose today, but he wanted to hold out for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which requires only one dose. (He could have gotten Moderna too, but the timing of that one would have required a trip back to Harrisonburg for the second shot after he’s already home for the summer, so it wasn’t convenient. Of course, if that had been his only option I’d be happy to make the trip to drive him back for the second dose.)

If he’d been home and was told he could get it, I probably would have just made him an appointment for whichever vaccine he could get soonest. But he’s 19 years old and 135 miles away, so as long as he can get it quickly, I’ll just have to accept his decision. Supposedly he’ll be able to sign up for Johnson & Johnson in a few days.

My husband has been fully vaccinated for some time now. He got Moderna, so if Jon Morgan gets the J&J, we’ll be a three-vaccine family.

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