Photo Friday: Read Across America

This week we celebrated Read Across America Day. Despite the Dr. Seuss-related controversy, I love the idea of a day for making time to read and to encourage reading. So today’s photo is just one of my many, many, many bookshelves. I chose to photograph this one for purely aesthetic reasons. How can any reader resist such sumptuous leather-bound editions?

(And yes, I own a copy of Gone With the Wind; follow this link for my view on why.)

Someone on a home decorating site recently posted a photo of her bookcase, which was mostly empty except for a few knick-knacks, and asked for suggestions on what she should put on the bookshelves. I was one of the few people who suggested, “Books!” Of course.

Does anything look better on a shelf than gorgeous, leather-bound editions like these? Of course, the most beautiful books are the ones that you love to read, whether hardcover, paperback, dust-jacketed, dilapidated, or brand new and shiny – they all add warmth, texture, and personality to a room. But pretty ones like these on one of my bedroom built-ins sure do look nice.

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