Family Matters, Movie Music, and Spring Break

Last week was one of those weeks when I have a clear sense of the meaning of “sandwich generation.” That is not a bad thing, just a busy one. On Tuesday, I drove 150 miles south, to my mother’s house. She had a medical procedure the next day that I was to take her to.Continue reading “Family Matters, Movie Music, and Spring Break”

Stupid, Actually

Spoiler Alert: Plot elements of the film Love, Actually are discussed below. I finally saw the film Love, Actually this week. I’ve been hearing about this film for years, from people who praise it lavishly. I’m not generally a fan of rom-coms, but fans of this film assured me that it really isn’t one. AndContinue reading “Stupid, Actually”

Another Sexist Troll

Just when I thought it was safe to go back on Facebook…. Some guy told me this week that men are better than women at art, cooking, engineering, architecture, and sports. But he says it’s good for women to have “their own space” where they can dabble in such interests without getting in the wayContinue reading “Another Sexist Troll”

Postcards From the World, Siriusly

It’s time to share another Postcrossing card. This one came to me from what is, in Postcrossing terms, practically next door. The sender, Cindy, lives in here in Virginia, in a rural area about 75 miles from me. Postcrossing is work-related for Cindy; she is a rural mail carrier. But she says she is closeContinue reading “Postcards From the World, Siriusly”

The Greatest Turkey Event in Thanksgiving Day History

Oh, no! Thanksgiving is over, and I never got around to posting the classic WKRP in Cincinnati Thanksgiving episode. I will have to remedy that. So, now it’s time to go to our live remote man on the scene at the Pinedale Shopping Mall for the big WKRP Turkey Giveaway….

The Relentless Moon: A Book Review

The Relentless Moon, the latest book in Mary Robinette Kowal’s “Lady Astronaut” series, is a page-turner, the kind of novel that makes you say, “just one more chapter” over and over again, until you look up and realize it’s 4:00 a.m. In this alternate history, set in the 1960s, Earth is dying. An asteroid strikeContinue reading “The Relentless Moon: A Book Review”

Still the Brightest Witch of Her Age

My favorite Harry Potter character, Hermione Granger, has a birthday today. Hermione was born on September 19, 1979, which would have made her one of the oldest students in her class at Hogwarts. (Harry, born June 31, was one of the youngest.) So Hermione is now 43 years old!!! I am still trying to getContinue reading “Still the Brightest Witch of Her Age”