The Perfect Chandelier

Here is one of the chandeliers I’m considering — or would be considering, if I could afford it. I’m still holding out hope for a really good sale.

We’ve been in this house for nearly three years, and the whole time, I’ve been looking for a chandelier for the dining room. I have my heart set on Murano glass from Italy — or, a good imitation of Murano glass from Italy. Of course, Murano glass chandeliers can easily run into five figures, and who can afford that?

Years ago, I was in a store in Florence that sold some gorgeous ones, but I was still living in my old house. We were planning an addition, and I couldn’t choose lighting until we knew more about what we were building.

Of course, we ended up moving instead of adding on, and the new house has an ugly overhead light fixture (of the type often called a Boob Light) over the dining room table. I would dearly love to replace it with something beautiful.

Last night, I saw some Murano glass chandeliers online that are perfect, based on Van Gogh’s iris paintings! But, while they are not in the five-figure range, they are in the four-figure range, and I really can’t afford that either. In fact, they’re customizable, so I don’t even have an exact figure. And who knows what shipping from Italy would cost, let along installation. You know what they say: “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.”

But these chandeliers are so darn pretty.

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