Reflections From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Last night I submitted a photograph to a juried art show. The theme of the show is “Drips, Lines, Splatters, and Splash,” and the curator is seeking artwork in all types of media that show exceptional use of color, line, movement, and space.

I submitted work to this gallery once before. It was rejected for being, “too conventional.” I believe the piece I sent in this time is anything but. In fact, it once won a first-place award in the National Federation of Press Women contest.

Here is the submitted piece. Ill find out later this month if it is selected for the show.

I took this photo in the convention center in Montreal, where light pouring in through a checkerboard wall of stained glass paints the floor in colors and reflects off a stainless steel wall where a young woman sits. Meanwhile, the figures reflected in the wall behind her are dressed as Star Wars characters, because this was taken during a science-fiction convention.

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