LetterMo 2022: Wrapping Up

Marilyn Monroe in The Seven-Year Itch graces the front of a Postcrossing card I mailed a few days ago; it’s one of ten Postcrossing cards and 30 pieces of mail I’ve sent this month.

Tonight is the final night of the Month of Letters, the annual challenge to write and mail a letter or card every day in February. And I am happy to say I have met the challenge.

Since I last updated my progress, I’ve continued to write and mail each day, though looking over my list of items mailed for the month, I see that I mailed a lot more in the first half of the month than in the second. Earlier in the month, I was mailing two or even three items some days. Recently, it’s just one. The challenge is suspended on days the mail doesn’t run, so really, there are 23 LetterMo days in the month.

So, how much mail have I sent in those 23 days? Altogether, I’ve written and mailed 30 pieces of mail this month. Ten of those were Postcrossing cards.

My final mailed item of the month? A card to my son, which included the key to his dorm room — the key he forgot to bring with him yesterday when he left here after spending the weekend at home. I threw in some fun-sized Hershey bars, too.

Happy March!

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