Weekend at Home

It made me stupidly happy to have my son home for the weekend. It was a short visit. Friday morning I drove down to campus, two-and-a-half hours away and met him at his dorm at 1 pm, after his classes were over for the day. We packed up his laundry in the car and headed up the interstate for home.

But neither of us had eaten lunch, and he asked if we could stop somewhere to get some. I was agreeable, as long as it was outdoor dining. The pandemic is still on, and I’m not eating in restaurants even here at home, where vaccination rates are high and people wear masks in public, as much as possible. There was no way I would agree to eat in a restaurant in rural Shenandoah Valley, where people have not been as careful about covid.

Jon Morgan tried to argue, but I refused to budge. So we headed off the interstate to a pizza place we’d seen signs for, hoping it might have outdoor table. It did not. But it turned out to be closed anyway, so at least I didn’t have to listen to Jon Morgan arguing for eating inside. At this point, we were on Route 11, which parallels the interstate. We decided to head straight up Route 11, and eventually found a cafe with outdoor seating, which turned out to be great — except that it was a windy day and we had to hang onto our napkins and food, for fear that they would blow away.

Because of the detour and the lunch, it took longer to get home than usual, but that was all right. I really enjoy having my son’s company in the car. It’s so seldom that we have so much uninterrupted time just to talk.

We made it home Friday evening, so we had him all day Saturday. We didn’t do anything revolutionary. He wanted takeout pizza both nights, so we let him choose the restaurants. And we watched movies and one of the Star Wars television series (the one about Boba Fett) and the first episode of Around the World in Eighty Days. And he did laundry. I know he was happy to be home, even for a short time. Things are going well this semester, but he said he felt he needed a break from school.

Today is Sunday, and Bob was driving him back, since I picked him up Friday. I helped them pack up his (now-clean) clothes, and they headed out. An hour and a half later, Jon Morgan texted to ask if his room key was here. He had forgotten it. Oops. This is not the first time.

We texted back and forth for some time, and finally decided I would put the key in the mail to him tomorrow, and he would borrow a loaner key from his R.A. for a few days, until it arrives.

I still enjoyed having him home! He has a concert in a few weeks, so we’ll be driving down to campus to see him again soon, and then he’ll be home for Spring Break.

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