Throwback Thursday: Siblings

April 10 was National Siblings Day, so I guess I’m a few days late. But I can’t resist sharing this old photo of my sisters and I as kids. This was on our family Christmas card one year; it was taken in front of the fireplace at our house in Scituate, Massachusetts, where we lived for about 18 months. I don’t know exactly when this was taken, so our ages in the caption are my best guesses.

My sisters and I (not including my stepsisters, who did not join the family until I was in my 20s). From left: Karen (age 7), Maria (4), Susan (2), and me (6). Maria and I both have December birthdays, so we would have been just about to turn 5 and 7 when this was taken. (Yes, I catch up to Karen every December, and we remain the same age until her birthday in February each year.)

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