Photo Friday: 18 Years

Eighteen years ago yesterday, my husband was on the phone trying to get someone to fix a burst pipe when I hurried in from an ultrasound appointment, three weeks before my due date. “Cancel the plumber. We’re having a baby today.”

We rushed to the hospital, and Jonathan Morgan Petrini was born an hour and a half later. He’s a lot bigger than 6 pounds now; in fact, he’s at least 6-foot-3. But even though he’s a young man now, he’s still my baby. Happy 18th Birthday, Jon Morgan!

I wish he still loved having his picture taken as much as he did when he was three and I set up a photo session with him on the back porch. I hung a sheet as a backdrop and offered several costume changes. Then I encouraged him to ham it up while I shot dozens of photographs. I’m guessing this shirt would fit him quite well now!

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