September 15 Writer Birthdays

1613 – François de La Rochefoucauld, French author of maxims and memoirs who was was one of the leading exponents of the ‘maxime, a French literary form of epigram that expresses a harsh or paradoxical truth with brevity. 1789 – James Fenimore Cooper, American writer of historical romantic fiction dealing with frontier and Indian life,Continue reading “September 15 Writer Birthdays”

September 7 Writer Birthdays

1434 – Janus Pannonius, Croatian-Hungarian poet, writer, diplomat, judge, and Catholic priest who is considered the most significant Renaissance poet in Hungary. 1707 – George-Louis Leclerc (Comte de Buffon), influential and prolific French natural-history writer, naturalist, mathematician, cosmologist, and encyclopedia writer; of his 36-volume Histoire naturelle, générale et particulière, it has been said, “Written inContinue reading “September 7 Writer Birthdays”

August 20 Writer Birthdays

1613 – Elisabeth Sophie of Mecklenburg (Duchess of Brunswick-Lüneburg), German poet, writer, and composer. 1663 – Amalia von Königsmarck (Amalia “Emilie” Wilhelmina Königsmarck), Swedish poet, writer, and painter. As an actress, she was one of a group of courtiers who performed the Swedish premier of Iphigénie by Racine, which was the first play with anContinue reading “August 20 Writer Birthdays”

August 5 Writer Birthdays

1647 – Anne Le Fèvre Dacier (better known during her lifetime as Madame Dacier), French scholar, translator, linguist, commentator. and editor of the classics, including the Iliad and the Odyssey; she championed ancient literature and used her great capabilities in Latin and Greek for this purpose as well as for her own financial support, producingContinue reading “August 5 Writer Birthdays”

July 27 Writer Birthdays

1777 – Thomas Campbell, Scottish poet known for his sentimental poetry and patriotic war songs; he helped create the initial plans for founding of the University of London. 1824 – Alexandre Dumas, son of the French author of the same name, his works have not attained the same acclaim as his father’s. His novel LaContinue reading “July 27 Writer Birthdays”

July 19 Writer Birthdays

1875 – Alice Dunbar Nelson, African-American writer, poet, educator, journalist, columnist, short-story writer, playwright, suffragist, and civil-rights activist who was part of the Harlem Renaissance. 1893 – Vladimir Mayakovsky, Russian poet, playwright, and actor. 1896 – A.J. Cronin, Scottish novelist and physician who wrote many books that were later adapted to film; his novel TheContinue reading “July 19 Writer Birthdays”

Chasing the Comet

I heard on Wednesday that it should be a great night for viewing the Comet Neowise, so I suggested to my family that we find a wide open spot without light pollution, with a good view of the northwest horizon. My husband said sure, with one caveat: he didn’t want to travel far. Our viewingContinue reading “Chasing the Comet”

May 27 Writer Birthdays

1652 – Elizabeth Charlotte (Madame Palatine), German/French princess and writer who married Philippe I, Duke of Orléans; her vast, frank correspondence provides a detailed account of the personalities and activities at the court of her brother-in-law, Louis XIV, for half a century. 1819 – Julia Ward Howe, prominent American abolitionist, social activist, and poet whoContinue reading “May 27 Writer Birthdays”

May 10 Writer Birthdays

1911 – Bel Kaufman, American teacher and author best known for her 1965 bestseller Up the Down Staircase. 1915 – Monica Dickens, English author who wrote both adult and children’s books and was the great-granddaughter of Charles Dickens. 1919 – T. Berry Brazleton, American pediatrician and author of parenting books. 1927 – Nayantara Sahgal, IndianContinue reading “May 10 Writer Birthdays”

April 13 Writer Birthdays

953 – Al-Karaji, Persian mathematician and engineer who pioneered the theory of algebraic calculus and wrote groundbreaking works on mathematics. 1743 – Thomas Jefferson, 3rd U.S. President and author of some of the most influential documents in American history, including the Declaration of Independence, Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, and A Summary View of theContinue reading “April 13 Writer Birthdays”