Throwback Thursday: 1936 Wedding

August 1936. In the U.S. and around the world, the Great Depression lingered on. In Britain, Edward VIII had ascended to the throne earlier that year, but his scandalous affair with divorcee Wallis Simpson would lead to his abdication before the year was out. In Berlin, the Nazis were rapidly gaining power, and Jesse OwensContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: 1936 Wedding”

Throwback Thursday: Why I Hate Garage Sales

The Saga of a Wasted Weekend This story that I wrote on June 24, 2009, just popped up as a Facebook memory. I had completely forgotten about the whole, ridiculous incident, but reading it made me laugh, so I thought it was worth sharing. Imagine if you will, that it’s 12 years ago today, we’reContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Why I Hate Garage Sales”