Technical Support

Yesterday I wrote about my son coming home from college for the weekend. The tale included yesterday’s Adventure of the Missing Phone, which required my husband and I to turn the car around more than twenty miles north of campus and drive back to the dorm after we’d dropped him off Sunday evening, because heContinue reading “Technical Support”

Photo Friday: Fox News

A few days ago we set up a motion-activated camera to take photos of the wildlife in our backyard. It’s trained on the bird library, but the viewing area is wide enough so that we can catch images of some of the yard behind it, and we were also hoping to see what other animalsContinue reading “Photo Friday: Fox News”

List Ludicrosity

Recently I posted Quiz Quackery, a pet peeve (OK, maybe it was more of a rant) about quizzes on the internet that use deceptive come-on lines to manipulate readers into clicking on them. In keeping with the theme of misleading, manipulative, and downright stupid online material, what about all the articles or memes that tryContinue reading “List Ludicrosity”

Photo Friday: Settled In

As hard as it is for me to wrap my brain around it, my son began college this week. We rented a minivan, packed it up, and drove down to the university over the weekend to help him move in during his scheduled move-in time slot, noon to 3 pm Sunday. (His roommate was scheduledContinue reading “Photo Friday: Settled In”

Roland the Headless Keyboard

I thought we were getting off light for our son’s first semester in college, because most of his classes require inexpensive textbooks or none at all. No such luck. Today we had to buy the Music Composition major a piano keyboard. His keyboard skills class had to move to mostly online instructions, so students willContinue reading “Roland the Headless Keyboard”