Bird Brains

Twice this week, I’ve seen people respond to online posts with suggestions of killing suburban backyard animals. What’s wrong with people? Yesterday, someone posted to ask for advice on removing squirrels from her attic. Some of us who have faced that challenge suggested that she spend the money to get professional help. You may beContinue reading “Bird Brains”

Off Topic and Out of Line

Do you get annoyed by people who think that whatever they’re concerned about should take precedence over absolutely everything else? Like when you read a article about global climate change and someone remarks in the comments section, “I can’t believe you’re all worried about fuel emissions when women and their doctors are murdering thousands ofContinue reading “Off Topic and Out of Line”

O, Tannenbomb

I’m starting to get into the holiday mood, so I’m thinking about Christmas trees. We pulled ours down from the attic and hope to set it up tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m remembering some past trees. This was one I helped created a few years back, with the Del Ray Yarn Bombers group that IContinue reading “O, Tannenbomb”

Mean People Suck

What has happened to civility? Airline passengers are punching out flight attendants. Shoppers are pulling guns on security guards who tell them to wear masks. The number of fights in our local schools has escalated. And many people interacting online no longer make any pretense of polite discourse. A few nights ago, a woman I’llContinue reading “Mean People Suck”

Google Doodle for a Family Friend

Have you done a Google search today? Today’s Google Doodle shows the late Nobel Prize-winning scientist, Charles Kao, to commemorate what would be his 88th birthday today. (He’s on my Writer’s Birthday list for today, too.) What few people know is that Charles Kao, the Father of Fiber Optics, was an honorary Girl Scout. HisContinue reading “Google Doodle for a Family Friend”

Sexist A**holes

I guess I’ve spent too much time on Facebook today. The sexism I’m seeing today is disturbing because it is so prevalent and so persistent. If you follow George Takei’s page, you may recall the “Am I the A**Hole?” questions from Reddit that he sometimes reposts for his own followers to answer. I read twoContinue reading “Sexist A**holes”

Immersed in Van Gogh

On Monday, I attended Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience. The first part was an electronic museum about his life and works. Then came the immersion room, a large room with images projected on all four walls and the floor, with a scattering of benches, chairs, and pillows in the middle of the room, so weContinue reading “Immersed in Van Gogh”

And Now My Watch Is Ended

I lost HBO this month. I had streaming-only HBO as an add-on to Amazon Prime, but Prime recently announced that it was ending the service as of September 15. I had a couple weeks to watch the programs on my watch list, and I got through a few of them, but that’s it. No moreContinue reading “And Now My Watch Is Ended”