Who Turned Out the Lights?

I was sitting at my laptop when something began rumbling outside. At first I thought it was an airplane. But it continued too long for that. Then it stopped. And started again. It took me a minute to realize that I was hearing some particularly epic thunder, though it didn’t look like rain outside. WithinContinue reading “Who Turned Out the Lights?”

Island Adventure: the Kindness of Strangers

Last week we visited Tangier Island, Virginia, in the Chesapeake Bay. I’ll write another post about our time on the island once I have my photos uploaded. But right now, I want to write about car trouble. The plan was for my mother to drive up to our house last Tuesday morning. That afternoon, weContinue reading “Island Adventure: the Kindness of Strangers”

Were the Good Old Days That Good?

A question online asked whether kids in the U.S. today, with cell phones, social media, and other technology, have childhoods that were better than ours were, or worse. Almost everyone who replied said absolutely that our childhoods, in less technologically connected times, were way better that childhoods are today. I was one of the fewContinue reading “Were the Good Old Days That Good?”

Photo Friday: Family Zoom

Tuesday was my mother’s 83rd birthday, and one of my sisters set up a group Zoom call, including an hour of old family photos and videos and some time to chat. Altogether, we had 15 people taking part at one time or another, though some people joined for only part of the time. Zoom isContinue reading “Photo Friday: Family Zoom”

Technical Support

Yesterday I wrote about my son coming home from college for the weekend. The tale included yesterday’s Adventure of the Missing Phone, which required my husband and I to turn the car around more than twenty miles north of campus and drive back to the dorm after we’d dropped him off Sunday evening, because heContinue reading “Technical Support”

Photo Friday: Fox News

A few days ago we set up a motion-activated camera to take photos of the wildlife in our backyard. It’s trained on the bird library, but the viewing area is wide enough so that we can catch images of some of the yard behind it, and we were also hoping to see what other animalsContinue reading “Photo Friday: Fox News”

List Ludicrosity

Recently I posted Quiz Quackery, a pet peeve (OK, maybe it was more of a rant) about quizzes on the internet that use deceptive come-on lines to manipulate readers into clicking on them. In keeping with the theme of misleading, manipulative, and downright stupid online material, what about all the articles or memes that tryContinue reading “List Ludicrosity”