Flag-Flying Foolishness

Why do so many people feel that their own opinions and preferences should govern everyone else’s choices???? A man named Matthew posted before-and-after pictures of his house on a Facebook page devoted to home renovation, restoration, and decoration. The “after” picture showed a cute, modest one-story yellow house with a red door. It also happenedContinue reading “Flag-Flying Foolishness”

Logical Fallacy

I’m noticing a pattern in online conversations with people who apparently have no understanding of logic, or who are too blinded by their beliefs to pay attention to the actual words being written. Typically, Jane will make a true statement in this format: “In some cases, ABC.” Logic-challenged John replies, “That’s not true, because IContinue reading “Logical Fallacy”

Is Grammar Out of Style?

I have a Master’s degree in writing and a Bachelor’s degree in English. I’ve written more than two dozen books, and I’ve edited others. I’ve been a newspaper and magazine editor. Grammar and spelling are important to me. Are they no longer important to our society as a whole? I saw an online post recentlyContinue reading “Is Grammar Out of Style?”

Tea With Hagrid

I just finished having Tea With Hagrid. This was my Harry Potter group’s annual (roughly) get-together for an English tea, with Hagrid’s Hut as this year’s theme. But there’s still a pandemic on, so we had tea in our separate homes, shared together via Zoom. Of course, we each had to have appropriate refreshments. IContinue reading “Tea With Hagrid”

Flipping Phones

I have a new phone. For Christmas, my husband and son and I ordered ourselves three new Samsung Galaxy Android phones. They’re not the most expensive, high-powered, feature-laden phones available, but they are a big upgrade from our sad, old, overburdened Galaxy phones. But before we could use our new phones, we had to setContinue reading “Flipping Phones”

Bird Brains

Twice this week, I’ve seen people respond to online posts with suggestions of killing suburban backyard animals. What’s wrong with people? Yesterday, someone posted to ask for advice on removing squirrels from her attic. Some of us who have faced that challenge suggested that she spend the money to get professional help. You may beContinue reading “Bird Brains”