Another Sexist Troll

Just when I thought it was safe to go back on Facebook…. Some guy told me this week that men are better than women at art, cooking, engineering, architecture, and sports. But he says it’s good for women to have “their own space” where they can dabble in such interests without getting in the wayContinue reading “Another Sexist Troll”

Stupidest Mansplain Ever

I recently commented on a genealogy page, agreeing with women who complained that a particular family tree site’s algorithms are sexist for assuming that a woman changes her name to her husband’s when she marries, and for assuming that all children have their father’s surname. A man jumped in to mansplain to us that everyContinue reading “Stupidest Mansplain Ever”

Flag-Flying Foolishness

Why do so many people feel that their own opinions and preferences should govern everyone else’s choices???? A man named Matthew posted before-and-after pictures of his house on a Facebook page devoted to home renovation, restoration, and decoration. The “after” picture showed a cute, modest one-story yellow house with a red door. It also happenedContinue reading “Flag-Flying Foolishness”

Logical Fallacy

I’m noticing a pattern in online conversations with people who apparently have no understanding of logic, or who are too blinded by their beliefs to pay attention to the actual words being written. Typically, Jane will make a true statement in this format: “In some cases, ABC.” Logic-challenged John replies, “That’s not true, because IContinue reading “Logical Fallacy”

Is Grammar Out of Style?

I have a Master’s degree in writing and a Bachelor’s degree in English. I’ve written more than two dozen books, and I’ve edited others. I’ve been a newspaper and magazine editor. Grammar and spelling are important to me. Are they no longer important to our society as a whole? I saw an online post recentlyContinue reading “Is Grammar Out of Style?”