Postcards From the World: Pooping Bird

It is months since I’ve reported here on an interesting postcard I’ve received through Postcrossing, so it’s time to remedy that. My favorite postcard of all of those I’ve received lately is this one from the Postcrosser “teadrinker” in New Jersey. Postcrossing, an organization I’ve belonged to for many years, connects people all over theContinue reading “Postcards From the World: Pooping Bird”

Stupid, Actually

Spoiler Alert: Plot elements of the film Love, Actually are discussed below. I finally saw the film Love, Actually this week. I’ve been hearing about this film for years, from people who praise it lavishly. I’m not generally a fan of rom-coms, but fans of this film assured me that it really isn’t one. AndContinue reading “Stupid, Actually”

Stupidest Mansplain Ever

I recently commented on a genealogy page, agreeing with women who complained that a particular family tree site’s algorithms are sexist for assuming that a woman changes her name to her husband’s when she marries, and for assuming that all children have their father’s surname. A man jumped in to mansplain to us that everyContinue reading “Stupidest Mansplain Ever”

Follow the Damn Rules

The sign on the door said, Mask Required … Regardless of Vaccination Status. Yet, inside the gift shop at a major national park, I estimated that fewer than 10 percent of customers wore masks. And the employees were not even trying to enforce the rule. What is wrong with people? I’ll give a pass toContinue reading “Follow the Damn Rules”

Willful Ignorance

Ever since the Covid-19 vaccine became widely available in the United States, a large minority of those who are eligible have been refusing to get vaccinated. Many claim they don’t want the vaccination because it has not been approved by the FDA, and thus is an experimental drug. Of course, it was approved all along,Continue reading “Willful Ignorance”

The State of the Pandemic: Anti-Vaxxers

I haven’t posted a Covid-19 update in a while, and it’s about time I did. Despite many Americans’ decision to pretend that the pandemic is over and it’s safe to go back to pre-covid activities, the virus is still circulating here — and much more so, in many parts of the world. What’s even moreContinue reading “The State of the Pandemic: Anti-Vaxxers”

Thou Shalt Not Be a Self-Righteous Bigot

I keep saying I’m not going to get drawn into arguments with stupid or closed-minded people on the Internet. And then I do. Today, someone asked online, “If you could write a new law that everyone had to obey, what law would you create?” Several respondents said that they would make the Ten Commandments aContinue reading “Thou Shalt Not Be a Self-Righteous Bigot”

Stupid People

I read an online comment this week that set my teeth on edge. This person said, “Anyone who worries because their kids are not vaccinated is an idiot. Period.” I wanted to respond. I almost responded. But then I didn’t. There is no point. Nothing I could say would get through to someone like this,Continue reading “Stupid People”

Anti-Maskers Online

I was involved in a discussion/virtual fistfight this week in NextDoor, the social media platform that seems to attract the most contentious people. Someone had posted in our neighborhood group to remind people to wear masks when in public spaces. Most people here seem to be wearing masks, but not everyone, and the numbers seemContinue reading “Anti-Maskers Online”