Best Books of 2020: Old Favorites

Happy New Year! I mentioned a few days ago that I completed my 2020 Reading Challenge on the Goodreads website. I’d set my goal at 130 books read during the year, and I reached that goal, with just a few days left in the year. I may still finish another book today, so the numberContinue reading “Best Books of 2020: Old Favorites”

Photo Friday: Turning Us Royal

My husband had wanted us to have a family portrait taken professionally this year. Then the pandemic struck, and that idea fell by the wayside. So for Christmas, I decided to remedy that lack. But I wanted to do it without actually meeting with a photographer. Then I saw an ad for TurnMeRoyal. This companyContinue reading “Photo Friday: Turning Us Royal”

Merry and Bright … and Bing

The cast members stroll to the Christmas tree in sumptuous red satin with white fur trim, while little girls pirouette around them in tutus. Bing Crosby opens a gift behind the Christmas tree, a toy knight on a horse, and kisses Rosemary Clooney. Danny Kaye and Vera Ellen follow suit. Then the barn doors open,Continue reading “Merry and Bright … and Bing”

Plot Your Novel: Day 5

Friday was the final day of the Plot Your Novel in Just Five Days challenge, which puts together all the pieces from the preceding four days. The title of the lesson: Proof the Route. Just a few of the issues discussed: What is the difference between suspense and tension? (Suspense is a function of story;Continue reading “Plot Your Novel: Day 5”

Plot Your Novel: Day 2

Today, the second day of the Plot Your Novel in Just Five Days challenge, is subtitled Researching the Route. Yesterday I had to formulate the Story Question, External Goal, and Internal Motivation for my main character. Today I had to consider what the character needs to do or have happen in order to meet herContinue reading “Plot Your Novel: Day 2”

Journaling 2: These Dreams

A couple days ago I pulled out an old journal I kept, back in November and December 1998, and I posted on this blog about the entries I found there. One surprise for me was just how often I recounted my dreams in the journal. I’ve always been someone who has strange and vivid dreams.Continue reading “Journaling 2: These Dreams”

Happy Birthday, Blog!

One year ago today, my blog debuted on this platform. I’d been writing a blog for years, but it was on a different site, and the host company had become increasingly difficult to work with, so it was time for a change. Here’s a link to my very first entry on this site. So, whatContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Blog!”

Revisiting an Old Journal, 22 Years Later

I have kept journals for decades. Mostly I write in them, though I also go through periods when I draw as well. Most of my old journals are still in boxes (I moved last year and am still working out where to keep things). But I have a dozen or so of them out andContinue reading “Revisiting an Old Journal, 22 Years Later”

Drinking with Robert Duvall

It was my senior year of college, and I turned 21 in December, the day before I left school to see my family for winter break. I was at the University of Virginia, and my parents lived in California, so I didn’t visit often. In fact, it was the first time I’d seen them sinceContinue reading “Drinking with Robert Duvall”