Going Matrilineal

I just read an article in The Atlantic about how 96 percent of U.S. heterosexual couples, even when both partners have their own separate surnames, give their children the husband’s last name and not the wife’s. Even the suggestion that there might be another way sends so many people, especially men, into a tizzy. SomeContinue reading “Going Matrilineal”

Election Volunteering: Holding the Fort Down

Today I volunteered outside the polls at the city voter registrar’s office, handing out Democratic sample ballots and providing candidate information to early voters. Well, theoretically that was what I was doing. In reality, I spent most of the time throwing my arms over all the sample ballots and other papers on the table toContinue reading “Election Volunteering: Holding the Fort Down”

Fingers on the Pulse of the Election

We voted today! My husband, son, and I stopped in at Beatley Library to get our Early Voting out of the way well before the November 2 election. Have you voted yet??? If not, click here for information on where and when you can vote before Election Day. You do not need a specific reasonContinue reading “Fingers on the Pulse of the Election”

Here Comes the Son

My son is coming home tomorrow! His school has fall break for the next few days, so we’re driving down to campus Thursday to pick him and his roommate up. We’ll drive him home, stopping along the way at his roommate’s house to drop him off. On Sunday we’ll drive our son back to hisContinue reading “Here Comes the Son”

An Extra Boost of Immunity

Earlier this month I received a text from the state department of health saying I was eligible for my covid-19 vaccination booster shot. I was surprised. It had been almost six months since my second of the two initial Pfizer doses, but I’m not 65 years old, and I thought the state was prioritizing olderContinue reading “An Extra Boost of Immunity”

Photo Friday: Eating for a Good Cause

My neighborhood’s annual art festival, Art on the Avenue, is generally the busiest, most lucrative day of the year for local restaurants. After a year and a half of the pandemic, many of the businesses are operating on razor-thin margins. They needed a lot of sales during Art on the Avenue, held earlier this month.Continue reading “Photo Friday: Eating for a Good Cause”

A Musical Interlude

Two days ago, I learned from the father of my son’s college roommate that they had a concert planned for tonight! (They’re both violinists in the university’s Chamber Orchestra.) My son never mentioned it because he couldn’t imagine we would want to drive 2.5 hours just to attend an hour-long concert. Oh, he of littleContinue reading “A Musical Interlude”

Parallel Travelogue

Some quantum physicists theorize that every decision we make splits off a parallel universe in which we chose a different course. If that is true, then somewhere in a parallel universe, I will arrive today in Great Britain. Last May, when covid-19 vaccinations were spreading far and wide, and the virus’s Delta variant was barelyContinue reading “Parallel Travelogue”

Art Festival, Pandemic-Style

Today was Art on the Avenue, usually my favorite neighborhood event of the year. This year was difficult. I love this art festival and really wanted to go. Most years I volunteer there, and spend the whole day. But we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, and I’ve been avoiding crowds. So I feltContinue reading “Art Festival, Pandemic-Style”