Covid Downturn

I haven’t posted about the covid-19 pandemic in a while because the situation slowly seemed to be easing, as more people got vaccinated and received the booster shot that’s now recommended six months afterward. Then came December, and Omicron. The Omicron variant of the virus is spreading like misinformation. Epidemiologists are still deciding whether thisContinue reading “Covid Downturn”

Twilight for Tangier

I recently joined an online group, Abandoned in Virginia. Members post photographs of abandoned buildings around the state; the emphasis is on stunning images of decaying buildings that were nevertheless glorious in their day. Yesterday I posted my first image, an abandoned home on Tangier Island. And I was floored by the responses I received.Continue reading “Twilight for Tangier”

Off Topic and Out of Line

Do you get annoyed by people who think that whatever they’re concerned about should take precedence over absolutely everything else? Like when you read a article about global climate change and someone remarks in the comments section, “I can’t believe you’re all worried about fuel emissions when women and their doctors are murdering thousands ofContinue reading “Off Topic and Out of Line”

Throwback Thursday: Pope in the Tree

My genealogical research has turned up something interesting in my family tree. All my life I’ve heard family rumors that I’m related to a Pope (no, not a direct descendant) but I never knew for sure. And I had no details about which Pope or how I might be related, if it was true atContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Pope in the Tree”

What Is Wrong With People?

I read something online today about a couple of paramedics who were called to the scene where a young woman had drowned. She was in her 20s and wearing a bikini. One of the paramedics suggested to his partner that they turn over the body, because he thought the way she was lying was sexyContinue reading “What Is Wrong With People?”

Boosterization Happy Dance

The teen has been boosterized! Yippee! Friends in other parts of the country talk about how difficult it is to get a covid-19 vaccination. Not here. Last month I received a text from the state health department, saying I could get my Pfizer booster, with a link to options for signing up. I made anContinue reading “Boosterization Happy Dance”


My college student is coming home tonight for Thanksgiving break. His roommate’s parents went down this evening to pick up both of them. Bob or I will drive them both back to campus at the end of the break. He’s a sophomore and is having a much, much better year than last year. Freshman yearContinue reading “Homecoming”

Book Review: Kindred

Why Does a Harry Potter Group Read Kindred? I recently led a book discussion of Octavia Butler’s time-travel novel, Kindred. This was not my regular book club or the Anti-Racist Book Club, though the novel could fit well into the reading list of either group. It was my Harry Potter group. When I sat downContinue reading “Book Review: Kindred”

Election 2021: Good News and Bad News

(Trigger Warning: If you’re a Republican, you will not find this post to be sympathetic, and might want to skip it.) I posted yesterday about volunteering outside the polls for Election Day here in Virginia, where our race to the Governor’s Mansion has been closely watched around the country. Now, most of the results areContinue reading “Election 2021: Good News and Bad News”