Update From the Land of Social Distancing

It’s the end of the first week of The End of Life as We Know It, as we all try to adjust to our new, Coronavirus-induced reality. Everything is weird and tense and depressing, but you already know that. Virginia does not yet have a statewide order to close businesses, but many have closed anyway;Continue reading “Update From the Land of Social Distancing”

St Patrick’s Day

The legend says that Saint Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. For Saint Patrick’s Day this year, can we get him to drive away the coronavirus? Seriously, the world needs a whole lot of luck right now. Good public health policy would help even more, and so far, that’s in short supply here inContinue reading “St Patrick’s Day”

Apocalypse Now?

In the photo, it looks like such a little thing, even kind of pretty. But the novel coronavirus makes me feel more and more like we’re on the brink of Armageddon, with its exponential spread and its growing impact on every aspect of life. And the other shoe just dropped: Alexandria City Public Schools announcedContinue reading “Apocalypse Now?”

Coronavirus Craziness

For the last week, stores have been mostly out hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, and rubbing alcohol. And I’ve been hearing from friends around the country that store shelves are also empty of toilet paper, tissue, paper towels, and basic food staples. It’s not that bad here. You can still find tissues and toilet paper easilyContinue reading “Coronavirus Craziness”