Our Long National Nightmare Is Over

The major news organizations called Pennsylvania for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris this morning, putting the Democratic candidates over the 270 electoral votes needed to make them the President- and Vice President-Elect. A few states are still counting votes, but even if they all went for Trump (not likely) he would not have him enoughContinue reading “Our Long National Nightmare Is Over”

Election Day 2020

It’s Election Day, and I am afraid. Most registered voters in the country have already voted, so a lot of the decision has actually been made already. But it still seems clear that we might have to wait days or even weeks for final results. Before you go any further, I warn you that thisContinue reading “Election Day 2020”

Photo Friday: Get Out the Vote

I chose today’s photo because Election Day is this Tuesday. I voted, in person, more than a month ago. And I brought my son along. I’ve often brought him with me to the polls, but this year is different. He’s 18 now, and he voted in his first general election! (He did vote in aContinue reading “Photo Friday: Get Out the Vote”

Photo Friday: Halloween Parade

The Del Ray Halloween Parade, usually on the Sunday before Halloween, is generally a highlight of the year here in the neighborhood. Everyone of any age is welcome to walk in the parade, with costumes encouraged for all. This year, some of the costume and decoration contests will take place online, but the in-person paradeContinue reading “Photo Friday: Halloween Parade”

Photo Friday: Art on the Avenue

It’s the first weekend of October, and in a normal year, Art on the Avenue would be taking place in my neighborhood tomorrow, the first Saturday of the month. Inviting thousands of people to gather, eat pie, make scarecrows, listen to music, and enjoy all kinds of artwork would be a bad idea in aContinue reading “Photo Friday: Art on the Avenue”

Nineteen Years

I was five months pregnant and in bed that morning nineteen years ago, thinking about getting up to pack to begin a 12-hour drive to a conference in Indianapolis that day. The phone rang, and my mother urged, “Turn on the TV!” We watched together while the second plane crashed into the World Trade CenterContinue reading “Nineteen Years”

Learning Curve

Alexandria has announced that the city schools will be all-virtual when school begins next month. It was the last of the local school districts to make that announcement. So the school year, at least to start with, will take place online. I have mixed feelings. Last spring was disastrous for my son trying to completeContinue reading “Learning Curve”

Photo Friday: Great Blue Heron

We’re still mostly stuck at home these days, waiting for the pandemic to run its course. We do try to take a walk outside each day. Tuesday was an odd day. A major tropical storm came through the area in the morning, with a ton of rain. And then, early in the afternoon, the rainContinue reading “Photo Friday: Great Blue Heron”

Kittens (and Chipmunks) with Typewriters

My writers’ group, Kittens with Typewriters, has always met in coffee shops, which hasn’t been possible since the COVID-19 pandemic began. We’ve tried online meetings, but they aren’t very satisfying, since our meetings mostly consist of people writing on their own projects, with occasional conversation in between. Recently we’ve begun holding outdoor meetings. Until today,Continue reading “Kittens (and Chipmunks) with Typewriters”

Photo Friday: The Force Runs Strong in Our Family

Monday was Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You). In response to a request in an online group, I dug out this photo of my husband, son, and me in costume for the Del Ray Halloween Parade in 2011. So I’ve decided to re-post it here. Nine years ago, we still lived inContinue reading “Photo Friday: The Force Runs Strong in Our Family”