Catalytic Converter Kidnapping

Bob got in our 17-year-old Prius to go to work this morning, and it sounded like a monster truck. Clearly, something was wrong. He drove straight to the dealership, where he was told that our catalytic converter had been stolen! I wondered why anyone would steal a part from a car that old. Well, itContinue reading “Catalytic Converter Kidnapping”

Snomicron Update

In honor of the Omicron coronavirus variant that’s blasting through the country right now, some have nicknamed yesterday’s snowstorm Snomicron. Monday’s snow was beautiful, but a foot of it was a lot more than anyone expected! In addition to losing at least one tree in our yard, we lost internet service for most of theContinue reading “Snomicron Update”

O, Tannenbomb

I’m starting to get into the holiday mood, so I’m thinking about Christmas trees. We pulled ours down from the attic and hope to set it up tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m remembering some past trees. This was one I helped created a few years back, with the Del Ray Yarn Bombers group that IContinue reading “O, Tannenbomb”

More Halloween Houses

Yesterday I posted photographs of some of the Halloween decorations in my neighborhood, including some of those that won our annual neighborhood contest for decorated homes. Today, I have a few more highlights. One of the contest finalists imagined a toxic zombie apocalypse, with workers in hazmat suits, spilled barrels of toxic waste, and zombiesContinue reading “More Halloween Houses”

The Night Before Halloween

We took a walk around the neighborhood this evening to see the finalists and grand prize winner of the neighborhood Halloween decorating contest. But we also saw some terrific decorations that were not entered into the contest. Here are three of my favorites. One of the most elaborate and creepiest is the Haunted Wedding house.Continue reading “The Night Before Halloween”

Photo Friday: Eating for a Good Cause

My neighborhood’s annual art festival, Art on the Avenue, is generally the busiest, most lucrative day of the year for local restaurants. After a year and a half of the pandemic, many of the businesses are operating on razor-thin margins. They needed a lot of sales during Art on the Avenue, held earlier this month.Continue reading “Photo Friday: Eating for a Good Cause”

Art Festival, Pandemic-Style

Today was Art on the Avenue, usually my favorite neighborhood event of the year. This year was difficult. I love this art festival and really wanted to go. Most years I volunteer there, and spend the whole day. But we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, and I’ve been avoiding crowds. So I feltContinue reading “Art Festival, Pandemic-Style”