Bird by Bird

I’m sitting in my backyard, and the birds are out in force. I just turned on my birdsong identification app. The birds it tells me it’s hearing: Blue jay American crow Northern cardinal Red-shouldered hawk Tufted titmouse House sparrow Eastern towhee Least flycatcher American goldfinch Common grackle Carolina wren Red-bellied woodpecker Gray catbird American robinContinue reading “Bird by Bird”

Preparing for Snomicron, Round 2

After weathering Monday’s storm and being spared the widespread power outages that persisted through Tuesday, we actually lost power Wednesday afternoon, after most people’s electricity had been restored. It was off for a few hours, and the house was beginning to get pretty darn cold. But it came back on that evening, and we wereContinue reading “Preparing for Snomicron, Round 2”

Friday Five: Christmas Eve

1) If you had to build a Christmas tree with just items around your house, what would definitely be part of it? Books, of course. I’ve built one of these before, and posted about it earlier this month. But here’s another photo. 2) What’s your favorite holiday to decorate for? Halloween. The decorations are fun,Continue reading “Friday Five: Christmas Eve”