Summer Lingers, but Winter Is Coming

Today the weather was amazing for any month, let alone November. The sun shone in a clear blue sky over trees of gold and scarlet, and the temperature reached 77 degrees. I mentioned a while back that my writer’s group has been meeting outside, since the pandemic has made our accustomed cafes unsafe. I’d postedContinue reading “Summer Lingers, but Winter Is Coming”

Home Sweet Home

Two years ago this week, we closed on our new house. We moved in several months later, after having some painting and repairs done. Since then, friends from distant places have asked to hear more about it. We’ve been here a year and a half now, so I guess it’s time. For nearly 30 years,Continue reading “Home Sweet Home”

Friday Five: Old School

I don’t officially participate in Friday Five, a blog prompt that provides a list each week of five questions on one theme. But every now and then I hear about the questions and find them interesting. This is one of those times! These questions were the prompt for a few weeks ago. The topic: ThingsContinue reading “Friday Five: Old School”

Postcards From the World: Japan

I haven’t posted lately about the postcards I’ve received from Postcrossers all over the world. In fact, October 1 was World Postcard Day, so this is a good month to think about all the wonderful slices of life my fellow Postcrossers have shared with me. This one arrived a couple days ago from Japan. TheContinue reading “Postcards From the World: Japan”

Let’s Drink to St. Francis

Today is both the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi and National Vodka Day. Because after a long day of preaching to birds, taming wolves, and being generally selfless, you really need to throw back a few shots of Absolut. My Petrini ancestors came from Assisi, so I have a special fondness for thatContinue reading “Let’s Drink to St. Francis”

Photo Friday: Reading Raccoon

Recently I posted about our new motion-activated camera that takes photos of wildlife in our backyard. We’ve been getting foxes and raccoons every night, and sometimes during the day as well. Last week’s Photo Friday featured a fox exploring the yard. The raccoons demanded equal time, so this week’s photo shows a raccoon that stoppedContinue reading “Photo Friday: Reading Raccoon”

Photo Friday: Fox News

A few days ago we set up a motion-activated camera to take photos of the wildlife in our backyard. It’s trained on the bird library, but the viewing area is wide enough so that we can catch images of some of the yard behind it, and we were also hoping to see what other animalsContinue reading “Photo Friday: Fox News”

Photo Friday: Grand Caverns

Last weekend I drove to Harrisonburg, Virginia to bring my son a piano keyboard. He just started his freshman year at JMU and needed one for a music class. (The campus is now closing down, unfortunately, because of the pandemic, and we’ll have to go pick him up this weekend. But last week, we hadContinue reading “Photo Friday: Grand Caverns”