Photo Friday: Cedar Waxwing

Birds love my yard. Among others, we regularly see cardinals, chickadees, robins, grackles, sparrows, blue jays, starlings, wrens, warblers, hummingbirds, two kinds of hawks, and three kinds of woodpeckers. But until last week, I had never seen cedar waxwings. Last Wednesday, I suddenly noticed a pair of them just outside the kitchen window. They seemContinue reading “Photo Friday: Cedar Waxwing”

A Visit From Pepino

It was 4 a.m. New Year’s morning. I’d gotten to bed about 3, and was just about to drift off to sleep. My husband, who’d sacked out shortly after midnight, was fast asleep beside me. Suddenly I heard a voice outside our door. “Is anyone awake in there?” It was our 18-year-old. He’s not proneContinue reading “A Visit From Pepino”

Photo Friday: Spectacular Sunrise

Wednesday morning I woke uncharacteristically early and was astounded by the sunrise outside my window. We are currently in a week of extreme solar flare and geomagnetic storm activity, which I suppose could be causing extra vivid sunrises. I still haven’t replaced my broken camera, but even with my lousy cell phone camera, this oneContinue reading “Photo Friday: Spectacular Sunrise”

Photo Friday: Turkey Day

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. I’m a vegetarian, so I don’t eat turkey, which means I can post a photo of a turkey today with a clear conscience. This is a photo I took years ago, when I was chaperoning an elementary school field trip to a colonial-era farm. This enormous, magnificent turkey took a liking toContinue reading “Photo Friday: Turkey Day”

Photo Friday: Fire Pit

Fall weather has finally come. The evenings are cool, and a few times, we’ve sat on the patio at night, enjoying a fire in our fire pit. With marshmallows. The fire pit is an old one, a cast-off that a neighbor was putting out to the curb for the trash one day, just after we’dContinue reading “Photo Friday: Fire Pit”

Photo Friday: Raccoon Rituals

Here’s a photo I took in my backyard a few nights ago. I know your eye is drawn to the Bird Library that’s lit by the patio lights. But look to the right, at the tree line. Notice the two raccoons standing on their hind legs, front paws in the air. What are they doingContinue reading “Photo Friday: Raccoon Rituals”