Writing, Travel Planning, Searching for Ancestors, and Playing With Glass Bits

I’ve been crazy busy all week, trying to finish the current round of editing on my science-fiction novel, preparing for THREE trips, taking a mosaics class, and fitting in some genealogy around the edges. Novel Editing On the novel, the only part left to finish editing (for this run-through) is the Epilogue. Then I haveContinue reading “Writing, Travel Planning, Searching for Ancestors, and Playing With Glass Bits”

Family Matters, Movie Music, and Spring Break

Last week was one of those weeks when I have a clear sense of the meaning of “sandwich generation.” That is not a bad thing, just a busy one. On Tuesday, I drove 150 miles south, to my mother’s house. She had a medical procedure the next day that I was to take her to.Continue reading “Family Matters, Movie Music, and Spring Break”

Joni Mitchell and Friends in Concert Tonight

Tonight is Joni Mitchell‘s Gershwin Prize concert at DAR Constitution Hall. The Gershwin Prize is presented each year by the Library of Congress to a living person who has made lasting contributions to popular music. The concert is free, but most tickets go to VIPs. So the audience features Supreme Court justices, members of Congress,Continue reading “Joni Mitchell and Friends in Concert Tonight”

Concert Month

I attended a concert at my son’s university last night, a student recital. The school really does have an excellent music department, though I’m afraid a lot of non-music majors and their parents don’t know it. The concert was the senior recital of a Music Composition student. These recitals are completely student-directed. He had toContinue reading “Concert Month”