Art Makes Me Happy

A new seascape will soon brighten my living room! Today was the annual Patrons’ Show fundraiser at the Art League. The Art League is based at the Torpedo Factory Art Center here in Alexandria, but for the second year in a row, this event was held online, due to the pandemic. Here is how itContinue reading “Art Makes Me Happy”

One More Post About the Coffee Table

When we checked into a hotel in Quakertown, PA, Friday night, the clerk asked what brought us there from Virginia in the middle of a snowstorm. I told him we’d found the perfect coffee table online, so we drove 3.5 hours to buy it. He replied, “That must be a really good coffee table.” WeContinue reading “One More Post About the Coffee Table”

Bagging the Elusive Coffee Table

I posted recently about finally finding a coffee table that I liked — except that I’d found it on an online auction site, and the actual table was 3.5 hours away, at an antique store in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. A major snowstorm was in the forecast, preparing to pound its way up the East Coast,Continue reading “Bagging the Elusive Coffee Table”

Stalking the Elusive Coffee Table

I have been searching for months for a coffee table. I want something with storage, and a big, flat, rectangular top that’s a suitable venue for art projects, writing, a casual lunch, or laptop use. I want something that doesn’t look like the three models that pretty much every store and online selling site hasContinue reading “Stalking the Elusive Coffee Table”

Preparing for Snomicron, Round 2

After weathering Monday’s storm and being spared the widespread power outages that persisted through Tuesday, we actually lost power Wednesday afternoon, after most people’s electricity had been restored. It was off for a few hours, and the house was beginning to get pretty darn cold. But it came back on that evening, and we wereContinue reading “Preparing for Snomicron, Round 2”