Revisiting an Old Journal, 22 Years Later

I have kept journals for decades. Mostly I write in them, though I also go through periods when I draw as well. Most of my old journals are still in boxes (I moved last year and am still working out where to keep things). But I have a dozen or so of them out andContinue reading “Revisiting an Old Journal, 22 Years Later”

Thanksgiving Turkey, Pizza, and Arlo Guthrie

Happy Thanksgiving! We had our quiet meal at home with just the three of us, knowing it’s the safest choice in the middle of a pandemic, with cases of the virus skyrocketing around the country. But at least the food was good. It seem so inefficient to cook a traditional Thanksgiving meal with all theContinue reading “Thanksgiving Turkey, Pizza, and Arlo Guthrie”

Memories of Thanksgivings Past

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and it will be a quiet one at my house: just my husband, our son, and me. On one hand, we’ve all just tested negative for the virus again, we’re all healthy, and we will have a nice meal. Many people have lost their jobs or taken a reduction in income duringContinue reading “Memories of Thanksgivings Past”

Photo Friday: Fire Pit

Fall weather has finally come. The evenings are cool, and a few times, we’ve sat on the patio at night, enjoying a fire in our fire pit. With marshmallows. The fire pit is an old one, a cast-off that a neighbor was putting out to the curb for the trash one day, just after we’dContinue reading “Photo Friday: Fire Pit”

Two Throne Rooms

November 19 is World Toilet Day! Seriously. The United Nations says so. In honor of National Toilet Day, I want to talk about my bathrooms. My husband and I bought our house two years ago, in November 2018, spent some time getting things painted and fixed up, and then moved in between March and MayContinue reading “Two Throne Rooms”

Home Sweet Home

Two years ago this week, we closed on our new house. We moved in several months later, after having some painting and repairs done. Since then, friends from distant places have asked to hear more about it. We’ve been here a year and a half now, so I guess it’s time. For nearly 30 years,Continue reading “Home Sweet Home”

On Escaping to the Country

Lately I’ve been getting into the BBC series Escape to the Country. Have you seen it? The host introduces a couple who are living in or near a city but now want to move to the British countryside. The family has a county or area in mind, and describes the kind of place they’re lookingContinue reading “On Escaping to the Country”

Priceless Family Heirloom

Someone asked if I have any treasured heirlooms, such as portraits of my ancestors, hanging on my walls. Actually, I do have one family heirloom on the wall, but it’s not a portrait. In fact, it’s kind of a family joke. Once upon a time, when ashtrays were a thing, my grandmother had these enormous,Continue reading “Priceless Family Heirloom”

Another Odd Dream

Another odd dream last night, the second memorable one this week, though I woke up before more than a fragment had played out. I was at home, in the kitchen, and could hear my husband and son watching television in the family room. Suddenly, over the sound of the television, I thought I heard aContinue reading “Another Odd Dream”

Photo Friday: For the Birds

It’s back! My cousin Kevin made this Bird Library for me a few years ago. When we moved last year, we uninstalled it from our old yard and brought it along to the new house. And then, a few months ago, a tree limb fell on the roof and cracked it. I had a heckuvaContinue reading “Photo Friday: For the Birds”