Tuesday Twenty: September’s Best Weird Holidays

This was intended to be a Tuesday Ten, a list of ten items on any topic I choose. But I couldn’t narrow my list to only ten. Seeing as how the alliteration still works, I’m now calling it my Tuesday Twenty. Here are some of the best official offbeat holidays of this month. These areContinue reading “Tuesday Twenty: September’s Best Weird Holidays”

Magic Bullets: Weird Holidays

Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! Or, if you prefer, you could celebrate National White Wine Day today. Or start your day off with a big bowl of cereal; it’s also National Raisin Bran Day. Yes, these are all actual observances for today, August 4. I love weird holidays. I love them enough so thatContinue reading “Magic Bullets: Weird Holidays”


A few days ago, I posted about the weird holidays that were being celebrated that day, which included International Ragweed Day, National Bartenders’ Day, and National Chocolate Pudding Day. Today is weirder. Today is INTERNATIONAL CAPS LOCK DAY. In fact, typing in all caps is so important that we celebrate this one twice a year;Continue reading “A HOLIDAY TO SHOUT ABOUT”

There’s a Holiday for Everything

Today is International Ragweed Day. I didn’t know that until a few minutes ago, but my nose knew. I have to wonder who decided we needed a holiday to honor ragweed, which is a bane to so many of us. And it’s celebrated on the same day as the Great American Picnic Day, because nothingContinue reading “There’s a Holiday for Everything”

Throwback Thursday: Sailor Suit

This Sunday is Father’s Day, so for Throwback Thursday, here’s a photo of my own father, from Easter 1943, when he had just turned four years old. Before the end of that year, his own father would be called up to fight in World War II. This one always surprises me a bit, in theContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Sailor Suit”

All-Natural Easter Egg Colors To Dye For

Five years ago, I dyed Easter eggs using homemade dyes from onion skins and cabbage. I posted about it on my old (now defunct) blog, including instructions. Easter is only a week away, and I’m thinking of making these eggs again. So I’m reposting that 2016 entry here: I just finished making a batch ofContinue reading “All-Natural Easter Egg Colors To Dye For”