All-Natural Easter Egg Colors To Dye For

Five years ago, I dyed Easter eggs using homemade dyes from onion skins and cabbage. I posted about it on my old (now defunct) blog, including instructions. Easter is only a week away, and I’m thinking of making these eggs again. So I’m reposting that 2016 entry here: I just finished making a batch ofContinue reading “All-Natural Easter Egg Colors To Dye For”

Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse

The Girl Scout motto is Be Prepared. I spent the day yesterday doing just that with other members of the adult Girl Scout troop my friend Reba recently started. At yesterday’s event, we were honing some of the important knowledge and skills we’ll need for the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse. We met at a Girl ScoutContinue reading “Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse”

Homemade Bread, Made the Old-Fashioned Way

The bread machine died yesterday. It happens every couple of years, when the threads on the paddles wear out and they stop revolving, which means that the ingredients never mix. Often I set the machine to knead and bake overnight. I am glad that this time I was using it in the middle of theContinue reading “Homemade Bread, Made the Old-Fashioned Way”

Photo Friday: Rubber Ducky Day

Yesterday, February 25, was National Rubber Ducky Day. So when I stopped to think of a suitable photo to post today, this one came to mind. I baked and decorated these Rubber Ducky cupcakes for a baby shower, way back in 2012. I should have made some more yesterday. I hope you had a wonderfulContinue reading “Photo Friday: Rubber Ducky Day”

Postcards From the World: Deux de France

I know I just posted about a recent Postcrossing card I received. But an envelope that just came in the mail was noteworthy enough to deserve another Postcards From the World mention. The envelope came from France and contained not one but two postcards. They are from Sandra and Olivier, who live together in Alsace.Continue reading “Postcards From the World: Deux de France”

The Subtle Science and Exact Art of Potion-Making

“I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death,” said Professor Snape at the first session of Harry Potter’s potion-making class, and then added, “If you aren’t as big a bunch of dunderheads as I usually have to teach.” I hope I was not a dunderhead last night, as I attendedContinue reading “The Subtle Science and Exact Art of Potion-Making”

Photo Friday: Happy New Year!

I read today that living through the past year has been like looking both ways before crossing the street…and then getting hit by a submarine. It’s as good a description as any of the dumpster fire that was 2020. I say “was” because it’s over. Thank goodness it’s over. No, life will not miraculously changeContinue reading “Photo Friday: Happy New Year!”

Photo Friday: Turkey Day

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. I’m a vegetarian, so I don’t eat turkey, which means I can post a photo of a turkey today with a clear conscience. This is a photo I took years ago, when I was chaperoning an elementary school field trip to a colonial-era farm. This enormous, magnificent turkey took a liking toContinue reading “Photo Friday: Turkey Day”