Tuesday Twenty: September’s Best Weird Holidays

This was intended to be a Tuesday Ten, a list of ten items on any topic I choose. But I couldn’t narrow my list to only ten. Seeing as how the alliteration still works, I’m now calling it my Tuesday Twenty. Here are some of the best official offbeat holidays of this month. These areContinue reading “Tuesday Twenty: September’s Best Weird Holidays”

Peaches and Politics

I spent two hours in the blazing sun today, sitting at a table for the Alexandria Democratic Committee to hand out voter registration forms and other information about November’s election. We’re a politically savvy neighborhood, so we generally find that almost everyone we speak with is already registered — but there are always a fewContinue reading “Peaches and Politics”

Screentime for Teens

I wrote this one yesterday and forgot to post it then. My son’s girlfriend is here, and they’re playing video games. They do that together a lot — that, and watch television. On one hand, they seem to spend way too much time staring at screens, which feels to me like a bad thing. OnContinue reading “Screentime for Teens”

There’s a Holiday for Everything

Today is International Ragweed Day. I didn’t know that until a few minutes ago, but my nose knew. I have to wonder who decided we needed a holiday to honor ragweed, which is a bane to so many of us. And it’s celebrated on the same day as the Great American Picnic Day, because nothingContinue reading “There’s a Holiday for Everything”