Dreaming of Tony Bennett in the Backyard

I dreamed we lived in a small, one-story house, a modest little bungalow. My mom, my sister Susan, my husband Bob, and I were in my mother’s bedroom. My son and other sister’s may have been there, too — I’m pretty sure my son was, at least — but they were not in the room.Continue reading “Dreaming of Tony Bennett in the Backyard”

The End of Spring Break

Spring has only just sprung, but Spring Break is over. We just packed up the car to take the college student back to school. It’s been great having him home for a week, but it never seems like enough time. I know some students want to party at the beach for spring break. My sonContinue reading “The End of Spring Break”

Neither Rain nor Snow….

I mentioned a few days ago that we were expecting a snowstorm on Saturday. We got it. I woke up in Harrisonburg, Virginia, yesterday morning to thickly falling snow. But neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night will keep me from getting my kid home for spring break. So after breakfast, I quickly packedContinue reading “Neither Rain nor Snow….”

Winter Weather Advisory

This afternoon it was 63 degrees out, here in Harrisonburg, with a gentle breeze. A few little white clouds embellished a clear blue sky. And a Winter Storm Advisory begins in about 10 hours, with ice and snow. The following night, the temperature dips to 7 degrees. So much for spring weather. Officials are advisingContinue reading “Winter Weather Advisory”

Throwback Thursday: Father Turon

I’d always known we had at least one Roman Catholic priest in the family. I also knew that my relatives seemed exceptionally proud to be related to him. Lately, my mother passed on some documents about his life, and I discovered more in my genealogical research. And now, despite being a less-than-devout Catholic myself, IContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Father Turon”

Weekend at Home

It made me stupidly happy to have my son home for the weekend. It was a short visit. Friday morning I drove down to campus, two-and-a-half hours away and met him at his dorm at 1 pm, after his classes were over for the day. We packed up his laundry in the car and headedContinue reading “Weekend at Home”

Catalytic Converter Kidnapping

Bob got in our 17-year-old Prius to go to work this morning, and it sounded like a monster truck. Clearly, something was wrong. He drove straight to the dealership, where he was told that our catalytic converter had been stolen! I wondered why anyone would steal a part from a car that old. Well, itContinue reading “Catalytic Converter Kidnapping”