Photo Friday: Homemade Bagels

With the pandemic having shut down so much of society outside our homes, many of us are spending some of our newfound free time in the kitchen. Generally, I am not what anyone would call domestic, but I do like to bake. In fact, I frequently bake bread. But for years, I’ve wanted to attemptContinue reading “Photo Friday: Homemade Bagels”

And Just Like That, High School Is Over

The governor of Virginia announced today that state K-12 schools are closed for the rest of the school year. I don’t fault him for making the decision. Our schools were already closed through the end of spring break in mid-April, but anyone who thinks this global coronavirus pandemic will be over by then is, well,Continue reading “And Just Like That, High School Is Over”

Update From the Land of Social Distancing

It’s the end of the first week of The End of Life as We Know It, as we all try to adjust to our new, Coronavirus-induced reality. Everything is weird and tense and depressing, but you already know that. Virginia does not yet have a statewide order to close businesses, but many have closed anyway;Continue reading “Update From the Land of Social Distancing”

St Patrick’s Day

The legend says that Saint Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. For Saint Patrick’s Day this year, can we get him to drive away the coronavirus? Seriously, the world needs a whole lot of luck right now. Good public health policy would help even more, and so far, that’s in short supply here inContinue reading “St Patrick’s Day”

Apocalypse Now?

In the photo, it looks like such a little thing, even kind of pretty. But the novel coronavirus makes me feel more and more like we’re on the brink of Armageddon, with its exponential spread and its growing impact on every aspect of life. And the other shoe just dropped: Alexandria City Public Schools announcedContinue reading “Apocalypse Now?”

College Craziness Payoff: The First Acceptance!

After all the campus visits, applications, application fees, financial aid forms, auditions, interviews, essays, and other assorted hoops to jump through, my son has received his first college acceptance! James Madison University has offered him a spot, not just at the university, but also in the music department. We are not surprised; it was hisContinue reading “College Craziness Payoff: The First Acceptance!”

Month of Letters, Day 25

I sent two pieces of mail today. The first was a birthday card to my sister. I wish I’d thought to scan it first, but I mailed it, so it’s too late now. It had a sweet, sparkly picture of slices of cake. The other was a card to my nephew. This one was originallyContinue reading “Month of Letters, Day 25”

Month of Letters, Day 21

Two letters went out today for the Month of Letters challenge: A long letter to a LetterMo correspondent in Florida, USA. This was the inaugural letter for a new fountain pen, which I like very much, but I realize the pen requires a smoother paper than the textured stationery I used. I hope it’s notContinue reading “Month of Letters, Day 21”

Another Weekend, Another College Visit

It was the third weekend of the month, so we had the third in our February series of weekly college, university, or conservatory interview/audition/portfolio review visits. This one was to Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University. This one is in Baltimore, only an hour and a quarter’s drive from here. So we were able toContinue reading “Another Weekend, Another College Visit”

Photo Friday: The Eyes of Abe

This week, in honor of it being Presidents’ Day weekend, I offer a photo I took a few years ago at Mount Rushmore, in South Dakota. I was set to attend a conference in Salt Lake City and convinced my husband (my son needed no convincing) that we should all go, and make it aContinue reading “Photo Friday: The Eyes of Abe”