Photo Friday: Family Zoom

Tuesday was my mother’s 83rd birthday, and one of my sisters set up a group Zoom call, including an hour of old family photos and videos and some time to chat. Altogether, we had 15 people taking part at one time or another, though some people joined for only part of the time. Zoom isContinue reading “Photo Friday: Family Zoom”

Dreaming Again

Yesterday I wrote about a dream I had Wednesday night, about living on Guernsey Island and being separated from my son just as the Nazis invaded. I think it was really about my fears for my son during the pandemic, because he was not yet eligible to be vaccinated. The very next day, he learnedContinue reading “Dreaming Again”


I just came from getting my second dose of the Pfizer covid19 vaccine. Woo-hoo! It will be two weeks before I can say I’m fully vaccinated, but I am so glad to have received both shots. I’ve been impressed with the efficient way the city is running the vaccination clinics. The volunteers and staff areContinue reading “Vaccinated!”

Another Test

I couldn’t stop coughing yesterday. It was probably allergies; tree pollen counts are soaring. But my son is coming home from school for Easter this weekend, so I thought I should get tested for covid-19 again, just in case. As much as I’d miss him, I’d rather have him stay at school for the holidayContinue reading “Another Test”

Throwback Thursday: Roller Coaster King

Today’s featured photo is one I took in 2010. This is my son at age 8 with a school assignment he had just completed, a board game he called Roller Coaster King. We just recently came across the old game while we were sorting through a box of his elementary school stuff. He was goingContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Roller Coaster King”