A Musical Interlude

Two days ago, I learned from the father of my son’s college roommate that they had a concert planned for tonight! (They’re both violinists in the university’s Chamber Orchestra.) My son never mentioned it because he couldn’t imagine we would want to drive 2.5 hours just to attend an hour-long concert. Oh, he of littleContinue reading “A Musical Interlude”

Patron Saint of Petrinis

Today is the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi. While technically I am Catholic, I’m not at all religious, so I don’t claim that the day has deep theological meaning for me. But it does have genealogical meaning: the Petrini side of my family is from Assisi. So I’m calling St. Francis’s feast dayContinue reading “Patron Saint of Petrinis”

Throwback Thursday: Sicilians in the Family

I wrote last week about a breakthrough in my genealogical research. First, I found names for three more generations back in my paternal grandmother’s line. I was still reeling from that discovery, when those names yielded more names, and suddenly I knew the name of my ninth great grandfather, born in Italy in or aroundContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Sicilians in the Family”

Throwback Thursday: Family History Research

I’ve been doing some research lately in Ancestry.com and on various other websites, and tonight I think I struck gold. I was poking around in the family of my maternal grandmother, and suddenly there were lists of names and dates. Most of this still needs to be confirmed with other sources, but I just tentativelyContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Family History Research”